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How to Become a Better Playmaker in NBA 2K21

Playmaking is an important skill for any guard in NBA 2K21, as it can separate you from the mediocre guards and set your team up for easy wins. In this article we break down the best tips to not only set your teammates up for success, but yourself, too.

  • Max out your Ball Handle and Pass Accuracy: These are the most important stats for becoming a top-tier playmaker, and maxing these out will give you the necessary badge points as well.
  • Equip the right badges: Here’s out list of best playmaking badges. Quick First Step, Handles for Days, and Unpluckable are necessities, but there are a few others that will help you dribble and pass better.
  • Equip the right dribble animations: Here’s out list of the best dribble moves. Quick is the best dribble style, Pro 8 is the best crossover, Pro 3 is the best BTB, and Pro 2 is the best Size-up Escape.
  • Learn how to dribble: Learning how to use the dribble moves, chaining moves, and when to use certain moves is necessary for breaking down defenders. This video breaks it down best , but you’ll only get better at this by practicing these moves in the MyCourt.
  • Notice Passing Lanes: Passing lanes are important on defense and offense. On offense, you want to avoid throwing in crowded passing lanes, so you’ll need to learn them from experience. The Needle Threader badge will also help you make tough passes.
  • Focus on getting your teammates involved: It’s easy to get tunnel vision as the primary ball handler, so you want to place special emphasis on looking for open teammates and making timely passes.

Ultimately, playmaking involves a lot of quick decisions, something that only comes from a lot of practice and playing experience. However, the above tips helped me and others become better primary ball handlers, and we know they will help you as well.

How to Become a Better Slasher in NBA 2K21

Becoming a top-tier slasher is a unique skill in NBA 2K21 when the majority of player simply run at the rim and hold the square button. In this article we will teach you to become a top-tier slasher who can finish almost everything at the rim.

  • Max out your slashing stats: Driving layup and driving dunk are a must, with close shot being up there as well. You don’t necessarily need to be a finishing build to be a good slasher, but it certainly helps beef up those stats to get contact dunks and the such.
  • Equip the right finishing badges: Here are the best finishing badges in NBA 2K21. Contact Finisher and Slithery Finisher are musts, and Giatn Slayer is a must have for smaller guards.
  • Use the Stick to Slash: By using aiming for finishing, you allow yourself to make some crazy layups. The Pro Touch badge is necessary for this, but using aiming provides almost limitless benefits over using timing.
  • Utilize Slithery Finisher: This necessary finishing badge can be activated on contested layups by simply aiming your stick diagonal-up towards the baseline and swinging it to the center area. This mechanism works 3/4 of the time and helps you get some crazy animations and finishes.
  • Be patient: Simple rim-running gets you contact dunks every once-in-a-while, but patient slashing is better. This method involves pump fakes, taking layups instead of forcing dunks, and passing when you don’t have a good shot.

If you follow these tips when playing any game mode, your percentage at the rim will greatly increase. I was able to use this tips to finish ridiculous layups and dunks at the hoop with only 1 finishing badge, so you can imagine how it will be when your player has many more.

How to Play Better Defense in NBA 2K21

Playing good defense is a very important part of being a good NBA 2K21 player, but the learning curve can be pretty steep for a new player. Here are the best tips we’ve found for playing better defense in NBA 2K21.

  • Beef up your defensive stats: If you’re a guard or wing, max out the perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and steal. If you’re a big, max out rebounding, interior defense, block, and lateral quickness.
  • Pick the right badges: Here’s out list of best defensive badges for guards and big men. Picking the right badges is instrumental for playing better defense, as they are meant to help your manual defensive inputs.
  • Learn the passing lanes: The passing lanes are simply where your opponent passes the ball. When playing off-ball defense, you want to close off the areas where your opponent may pass the ball so you can get easy steals. This is only learned by playing the game.
  • On-ball defense: The key to on-ball defense is predicting your opponents’ moves. You won’t always guess correctly, but over time you’ll get better, start getting bumpy on the ball handler, and get the stops you need on the defensive end.
  • Rebounding for Big Men: You’ll need the Rebound Chaser and Box badge, and the most important tips to rebounding are to box out your opponent, guess where the ball will land, and correctly time your jump for the board.

The City Rep Rewards


  • Pro 1: Ability to join an affiliation.
  • Pro 2: Custom Jerseys at the NBA Store, Hair Colors in the Appearance menu, and Show-off animations.
  • Pro 3: Access to new Dry Brush Arm Sleeves at SWAGS and free MyTeam packs.
  • Pro 4: Access to new Skateboard decks at Decks and Wacky Clothing at Alter Ego.
  • Pro 5: Access to Personalized Historic Jerseys at the NBA store.

All Star:

  • All Star 1: Choose your spawn point, access the Low Rider at Wheels, and new Green Release Animations.
  • All Star 2: Access to new Tie-Dye collection at Swags
  • All Star 3: Access to the Trike at Wheels, New Show-Off Animations, and free MyTeam Packs
  • All Star 4: Access to new Wacky Glasses at Alter Ego.
  • All Star 5: Access to new Flame Pattern Arm sleeves at Swags.


  • Superstar 1: Access to new Lightning Pattern Arm Sleeves at Swags and New Show-off Animations.
  • Superstar 2: Ability to remove your shirt and get your Neck, Back, and Chest Tattooed.
  • Superstar 3: Ability to wear suits in the City, Gym Rat Badge, and free MyTeam Packs.
  • Superstar 4: Access to the Glider at Decks.
  • Superstar 5: New Show-off Animations.


  • Elite 1: Elite level Daily Rewards.
  • Elite 2: Access to the Hoverboard at Decks
  • Elite 3: Access to Elite 3 Suit and Sequin Patterns at Drip Brothers, and new Show-Off Animations.
  • Elite 4: Double VC for all Online Games Played.
  • Elite 5: Access to Mascots at Alter Ego.


  • Legend: Free copy of NBA 2K22 (limited supply), Extra Badge Points, and Travel in Style.

How to Make XP Quickly in NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Rising up the XP Ladder in NBA 2K21 MyTeam is a long and difficult grind, but can easily be optimized with the right strategized. Here are the best strategies we’ve learned to earn XP in the most time-efficient manner.

  • Knock out multiple challenges in one game. You can do the challenges for multiple players in one game, which cuts down the amount of games and time you have to play.
  • Write down challenges on a piece of paper. Write down the challenges and cross them out throughout the game. This is the best way to keep track of what you need to do and streamlines the process.
  • Play Rookie Domination (or other easy game modes). Rookie Dom is super easy for knocking out challenges, and there’s typically a Spotlight challenge that makes certain XP challenges easier to complete.
  • Focus on manageable challenges: Skipping frustrating challenges (like steals) and focusing on doable challenges will both save you headaches and time while still allowing you to reach your goal level.
  • Do more challenges towards the end of the season. The challenges towards the end of the season give you higher XP per minute. Complete the easier challenges at the beginning of the season and knock a bunch of better ones out towards the end.
  • Make doing XP Challenges fun. Find a method that makes the grind fun and enjoyable. There’s no point in playing the game if you’re not having fun, so try to make the process as enjoyable as possible and

MyTeam Season 7 Levels & Rewards

  • Level 1 (0 XP): Evolution Derrick Rose
  • Level 2 (350 XP): 1 Token
  • Level 3 (430 XP): Shoe Pack
  • Level 4 (520 XP): League Series 3 Deluxe Pack
  • Level 5 (620 XP): Ascension Board 1
  • Level 6 (740 XP): Glass Cleaner Badge Pack
  • Level 7 (890 XP): Sapphire Greg Anthony
  • Level 8 (1075 XP): Shot Creator Badge Pack
  • Level 9 (1300 XP): 3 Tokens
  • Level 10 (1550 XP): Post Scorer Badge Pack
  • Level 11 (1850 XP): Ascension Board 2
  • Level 12 (2230 XP): Lockdown Defender Badge Pack
  • Level 13 (2680 XP): Ruby David Wesley
  • Level 14 (3200 XP): Rim Protector Badge Pack
  • Level 15 (3850 XP): Badge Pack
  • Level 16 (4620 XP): 5 Tokens
  • Level 17 (5540 XP): Slasher Badge Pack
  • Level 18 (6500 XP): Heat Check Deluxe Pack
  • Level 19 (7860 XP): Ascension Board 3
  • Level 20 (9190 XP): Amethyst Norm Nixon
  • Level 21 (10560 XP): Playmaker Badge Pack
  • Level 22 (12150 XP): Ascension Board 4
  • Level 23 (13970 XP): Flash 8 Pack
  • Level 24 (16060 XP): Diamond Roy Hibbert
  • Level 25 (18470 XP): Sharpshooter Badge Pack
  • Level 26 (21250 XP): Ascension Board 5
  • Level 27 (24430 XP): 10 tokens
  • Level 28 (28100 XP): Pink Diamond Kevin Martin
  • Level 29 (32300 XP): Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Level 30 (36740 XP): Ascension Board 6
  • Level 31 (41600 XP): 15 Tokens
  • Level 32 (47140 XP): Radioactive Deluxe Pack
  • Level 33 (55640 XP): Galaxy Opal Zach Randolph
  • Level 34 (65000 XP): 20 Tokens
  • Level 35 (75000 XP): Diamond Consumables Pack
  • Level 36 (86000 XP): Ascension Board 7
  • Level 37 (99000 XP): Diamond Contract Pack
  • Level 38 (114000 XP): 25 Tokens
  • Level 39 (131000 XP): Hall of Fame Badge
  • Level 40 (150000 XP): Dark Matter Vince Carter

How long is the grind? For Level 40, you’re talking about four hours per day of focus on completing agendas, mostly in boring game modes. That’s up to 200+ hours of playing the game for one card.

Is the grind worth it? We’ve never done it (the farthest we’ve reached is Level 36), but it can be if you play the game a lot already and want to have the best card in the game (the level 40 reward).

Where should I aim for? If you have a lot of time to grind the game, level 40 should be your aim. More casual players should aim for the last Ascension board (lvl 36) at most. Super casual players should just play the game to have fun and forget the XP grind.

The Best Small Forwards in NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Small Forwards play a pivotal role in every game on both ends of the floor, making it necessary to have a good one on your squad. Here are the top 5 SFs in NBA 2K21 MyTeam right now:

  1. Dark Matter Lebron James
  2. Invincible Kevin Durant
  3. Dark Matter James Worthy
  4. Invincible Jayson Tatum
  5. Dark Matter Paul George
  6. Dark Matter Jimmy Butler
  7. Dark Matter Elgin Baylor
  8. Dark Matter Carmelo Anthony (Best Offensive, Next Gen)
  9. Dark Matter Jayson Tatum (Best Offensive, Current Gen)
  10. Pink Diamond Terry Dischinger

Best Budget Small Forwards:

  1. Pink Diamond Robert Covington
  2. Diamond Justice Winslow
  3. Pink Diamond Andrew Wiggins
  4. Diamond Glen Rice
  5. Ruby Bryon Russell

Rise Up

Rise Up is a new badge for NBA 2K21 and increases the likelihood of dunking the ball when standing in the painted area. It replaces Pick & Roller from current generation 2K21.

To unlock Rise Up on gold, you’ll need at least a 69 standing dunk. For Hall of Fame, you’ll need at least an 89 standing dunk.

Recommendation: Rise Up is a top-five finishing badge and will help you dunk the ball more. We recommend it for most builds who finish in the paint a decent amount.


Posterizer is a new badge for NBA 2K21 Next Gen and increases the chances of throwing down a dunk on your defender. It replaces Showtime from 2K21 current generation.

To unlock Posterizer on gold, you’ll need at least a 72 driving dunk or standing dunk. For Hall of Fame, you’ll need at least a 92 Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk.

Recommendation: Posterizer is a must-have badge for players that can dunk. It is a top-three finishing badge on Next Gen and helps you get a great number of contact dunks.