3v3 Pro-Am

3v3 Pro-Am in the Park is new for NBA 2K20 and introduces matchmaking into a Park-like atmosphere. Here’s what you need to know about this game mode.

  • All games go through the Pro-Am arena. Your teammates must be on the same Pro-Am team and the game will launch from the Pro-Am arena.
  • The gameplay is the same as 3v3 Park, with the downsized court, arcade-style feel, and special animations of Park gameplay.
  • There is a matchmaking system that supposedly matches your team against similar competition. However, this system largely fails its goals.
  • You get Park Rep for each game, though the earned Rep is the same as a similar performance would earn in the Park.

And while the mode is actually pretty cool, it’s largely dead at this point. Rep grinders who once earned more Rep in this mode have moved to Park, and most competitive players have gone back to the Ante-Up.

Though the pool of players is a lot smaller, there is certainly still enough squads for your team to get a good amount of games quickly and have fun in a competitive environment.


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  1. How do I become silver team at the Pro am. I want to customize our jerseys pls help me..

  2. Can I play 3v3 playmode without owner?

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