Whether it’s in the pick-and-roll or the fastbreak, Alley-Oops are an integral part of NBA 2K to get easy buckets in the paint. In NBA 2K23, you’ll get a boost to this ability by equipping Aerial Finisher.

What is the Aerial Finisher badge?

Aerial Wizard is a new badge for NBA 2K23 and increases the ability to successfull finish alley-oops and putbacks. It is in the finishing category of badges.

As of now, it seems like this badge will increase your timing window when finishing either an alley-oop or putback. We will have the official attributes required to unlock the badge in coming weeks.

Who should equip Aerial Finisher?

Bigmen who run the PnR and are thrown lops frequently would certainly benefit the most from this badge, in addition to slashers who cut to the paint. This is most likely going to be a Tier 3 badge, and it may end up being one of the best in this category.