1. Amethyst Donovan Mitchell: Short, but has everything you need: good shooting, dunking, and dribbling ability. Even has bronze Clamps to make him useable on defense as well. Here’s his card.
  2. Ruby Nick Anderson: Crazy Shooter with a good jumpshot and gold Range Extender. Also has bronze clamps to make him a top-notch spot-up and decent defender. Check out his card.
  3. Ruby Lu Dort: A defensive monster that is a perfect 3-and-D card for budget squads.
  4. Amethyst Bingo Smith: Athletic two guard that can do everything you need from a cheaper two-guard. Can lock down the point guard if needed, and also be a spot-up or featured scorer on offense. See his card.
  5. Ruby Gary Harris: The perfect 3&D guard for Ruby-or-lower Limited events. Not great for budget lineups, however, as he lacks a few key defensive badges (Intimidator, mostly). Here’s his card.