The Best Defensive Badges for Centers and Big Men

Centers and big men are typically the focal point of a team’s defensive effort, so properly allocating your badges is important for anchoring your team’s defense.

And after using and analyzing the Defensive badges in NBA 2K22, the following are the top 5 Defensive badges for Big Men.

  1. Intimidator: The best interior defense badge that will make opponents miss shots if you are in the general area. Needs to be maxed for all big men to properly play their role as an paint defender.
  2. Rebound Chaser: You’ll need this badge to rebound at all, preferably maxed out to get the most rebounds. Pair it with the Box badge for the best way to grab every board when in position.
  3. Rim Protector: Rim Protector is necessary for you to block shots effectively, but you can get away with it on lower levels. Maxed is preferable, but Bronze is enough for consistent swats.
  4. Brick Wall: This badge is necessary for setting screens, but is otherwise unneeded for spot-up bigs. Needs to be maxed for the highest effectiveness, but Bronze is ok for infrequent screeners.
  5. Pogo Stick: This badge allows you to quickly jump time-and-time again in the paint, negating any pump fakes. Not necessary (you’ll just need to be more patient on jumps), but overpowered if maxed out.

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  1. intimidator is trash this year

    • We tend to agree, it really only works when you play hands-up defense or jump. And that’s a good thing – we didn’t like how you could contest a shot by simply being in the area.

    • Nah, it’s not as good as last year but it’s still the best and most necessary badge for interior defense.

  2. sf considered big man? or guard?

    • It depends. If you’re playing the big man spot in park, then go with the big man article. If you play the true SF spot then I would say you’re a guard.

  3. I have 21 defensive badges on my glass cleaning finisher. What would you do with them? I play rec a lot.

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