Best Shooting Guard Builds in NBA 2K22

The Shooting Guard in NBA 2K22 is not a featured position, as it usually has a specific secondary role that can lead a team to victory. Whether that main role is shooting, defending, playmaking, or slashing, these are the builds that will help you dominate the 2-guard spot:

Best Current Gen Shooting Guard Build: 2-Way Mid Range Shooter. A two-way monster that can lock up opposing point guards and knock down tons of 3’s. Here’s how to make this build.

Best Next-Gen Shooting Guard Build: A 6’6″ 3-and-D guard with 20 Finishing, 27 Shooting, 17 Playmaking, and 23 Defensive badge points. Here’s how to make it:



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  1. If I wanted to make a two way sharp, what’s the minimum 3 point build that I would need to be able to shoot?

  2. can i make a two-way sharpshooter with playmaking aswell

  3. Can you release how to make the two way sharp for ps5 builder? The video is for ps4.

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