The Small Forward is typically considered a role player in NBA 2K22, with typically one, maybe two main jobs to help the team win.

However, equipped with a good build, Small Forwards can lead a team to victory in any game mode. Thus, here are the best builds to help you dominate the SF spot:


Best Well-Rounded Small Forward Build: 3&D Wing. Don’t let the name fool you, this build can seriously do a bit of everything on the court. Most importantly, this build can be a switch defender that wreaks havoc on all opponents.

  • Key Badges you can get: HOF Sniper. Gold Limitless, Clamps, Intimidator, Hot Zone Hunter, and Limitless Takeoff. Silver Posterizer, Rim Protector, and Quick First Step.

Above is how to build the 3&D wing, and here is a video tutorial.

Best 3&D Small Forward Build: 2-Way Inside the Arc Scorer. Another goofy name, but this build is a serious defender, spot-up shooter, and dunker. While this build will struggle dribbling, it can defend 1-5 with great success.

  • Key Badges you can get: HOF Clamps, Interceptor, Sniper. Gold Hot Zone Hunter, Posterizer, Limitless Takeoff, Intimidator. Silver Limitless, Rim Protector.

Above is the build, and here is a video on how to make it.

Best Current Gen Small Forward Build: Perimeter Lockdown. A two-way build that can guard 2-4 and shoot from the corners relatively consistently. Here’s a video on how to make it.