The Small Forward is typically considered a role player in NBA 2K21, with typically one, maybe two main jobs to help the team win.

However, equipped with a good build, Small Forwards can lead a team to victory in any game mode. Thus, here are the best builds to help you domainte the SF spot:

  1. Perimeter Lockdown (Shooting and Defense): A perfect spot-up that can also lock down the other teams’ guards and forwards. Ok finishing, too, but is perfect for the 3&D role. Here’s how to make it.
  2. Slasher (Finishing and Defending): A monster at the rim and on defense, this build can defend 1-through-5 while dominating in the paint. Can’t shoot, but slashing is OP in 2K21. Watch how to build it.
  3. 2-Way Finisher (Pure Defensive): The lockdown build can shut down 1-through-5 while having decent finishing ability. A truly versatile defender that can single handily win games on the defensive end. Here’s how to build it.
  4. Sharpshooter (Pure Shooting): A pure shooting build that can carry a team’s offense. Gets OK defending and dribbling ability, but this build’s main function is being a lights out shooter. Here’s how to make it.
  5. Slasher (Finishing and Shooting): An offensive-focused build that also has decent enough defense and playmaking ability. Best as an off-ball build for cuts to the basket and spot-up opportunities. This is how you build it.