The Blinders badge in NBA 2K23 is a highly sought-after badge that provides players with a significant boost in shooting accuracy when contested from the side. To unlock the Bronze level badge, players must have a 70 3pt rating. The Silver level badge requires a 80 3pt rating, the Gold level badge requires an 89, and HOF requires a 97.

Once earned, the Blinders badge allows players to block out peripheral distractions when shooting, resulting in a significant boost in shooting accuracy. This badge is most effective when combined with other shooting badges like Catch and Shoot and Deadeye.

To make the most out of the Blinders badge, players must also have good shooting form, good timing and release on shots, and take good shots within their player’s range.

Theres no exact way to speed up earning the Blinders badge, as it is difficult to force side contests in-game. However, the Bronze level can be earned relatively quickly, but players will need to invest more time to earn the Silver and Gold levels.

In conclusion, the Blinders badge in NBA 2K23 is a valuable asset for any player looking to improve their contested shooting accuracy. By meeting the badge requirements and using it effectively, players can take their game to the next level and become a more lethal threat on the court.