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Out of Position 2 Cards

The original Out of Position promo ushered in a few great cards to MyTeam, including the point guard LeBron. The second Out of Position promo brings us even more crazy cards:

Galaxy Opal Point Guard Jonathan Isaac

The reward for collecting all the cards in this set is a point guard Jonathan Isaac, who was a budget beast for a good portion of this year.

This card has 54 HOF badges, almost all 95+ stats, and solid animations. It’s a game-breaking point guard card that will be expensive to get, but will certainly dominate whatever court he runs on.

Galaxy Opal Point Guard Kevin Durant

With basically all 95+ stats, a 6’10” height, and Kevin Durant’s signature animations, this card is about as cheesy as it gets.

Of course, this card is gonna run you 1.5 million MT on the Auction House, but it’s easily a top-three point guard in the game at this point.

Galaxy Opal Small Forward Bill Russell

All 97+ athleticism and defensive stats, a 90+ three pointer, and Hall of Fame Range Extender make this Bill Russell a great spot-up shooter and 1-5 defender.

Despite this card’s obvious overpowered nature, it won’t be super pricey, yet still not a buy now.

Galaxy Opal Center Andrei Kirilenko

AK47 is an overpowered card every year with good animations, good attributes, and good badges. And while his earler card was great, this one’s better.

The only downside to this card is that he will be a 6’9″ Power Forward, but his lights out shooting and ability to slow down any position on the court is huge. The card is currently a buy now option.

Pink Diamond Shooting Guard Giannis Antetokounmpo

Another Giannis Pink Diamond card, with this one allowing the 6’11” forward to play the 2 spot. The card isn’t great, with only an 82 3-pt shot and no Range Extender, but it’s still a Giannis card with cheesy animations.

This card won’t be super expensive nor widely used, but is still a solid card for a corner spot-up, lengthy defender, and fastbreak threat.

The Other Cards

The other cards are pretty bad, including a PD Bill Walton that can’t shoot (but can play PG), a Diamond PF/SF Dwayne Wade, and a PF/C Diamond Shaun Livingston. None are worth getting alone and all will be super cheap.

How to Make MT Quickly in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Whether you’re saving up for a card, looking to buy packs, or just like having a big bank account in MyTeam, you’re going to need to have a method to make MT quickly. We’ve compiled the best ones here:

  • Triple Threat Online: Most boards have MT on them, and you can also earn a lot per game from just playing. I’ve earned over 10000 MT/hour playing TTO. Winning helps you maximize your earnings.
  • Triple Threat Offline: A non-tryhard mode where you can earn 300+ MT per sub-five minute game. This adds up, and you also get conditional win-based prizes as you climb up the ladder.
  • Domination: You earn a ton of MT when you win the highest difficulty level for each team (2-3K in many cases), and you also get a ton of other cool prizes for playing these 30 minute games.
  • Playing the Auction House: I’m not an expert at this method, but sniping and reselling is a way some people make a good amount of MT. I don’t know the best way to do it, however.
  • Liquidating your collection: You certainly have a gold mine of shoes, injury cards, and maybe even some players you can sell to earn quick MT. You can easily earn an extra 10k MT per week just by clearing out your shoes.
  • Save your MT: Seems basic, but not spending your MT will allow the balance to grow as you play the game more. This means not spending it on frivolous players, contracts in many cases, and other wasteful ways.