Category: NBA 2K22 Playmaking Badges

Lob City Passer Badge

Lob City Passer is back for NBA 2K20 and increases the chances of a successful alley-oop pass and finish. It boosts both your own passing attribute and the finishing attributes of your receiver.

With lobs being super inconsistent for players without the Passing or Finishing badge, having Lob City Passer is going to be the one way to throw consistently accurate lobs.

Recommendation: If you throw a lot of lobs, get the badge on Silver or higher. If you rarely throw lobs, it may still be a good idea to get the badge on Bronze if the opportunity of an unguardable lob arises.

Floor General Badge

The Floor General Badge is back for NBA 2K21 and boosts all of your teammates’ offensive attributes when on the floor. The boosts are as follow:

  • +1 on Bronze
  • +2 on Silver
  • +3 on Gold
  • +4 on Hall of Fame, plus the added bonus of seeing teammates’ real-time shooting percentages at any spot on the court.

This badge is mainly used to help lower-rated shooters on your team make more shots. However, the boosts only apply to your teammates’ attributes and not your own.

The following attributes are needed on next-gen to unlock Floor General for your player:

  • Bronze: 68 Pass Accuracy
  • Silver: 78 Pass Accuracy
  • Gold: 88 Pass Accuracy
  • Hall of Fame: 98 Pass Accuracy

Recommendation: Floor General is mainly if you play with teammates that struggle on offense (especially shooting) or need the boost for any other reason (speedboosting, contact dunks, etc).

However, I’m sure your teammates in any situation would appreciate you throwing on Floor General on any level if you have extra Playmaking badge points. You’ll be their favorite teammate in no time.

Dream Shake Badge

The Dream Shake badge is back for NBA 2K22 next gen and current gen, and increases the chances that a defender falls for a pump fake in the post. In addition, your player’s shooting attributes increase after post moves or pump fakes.

Shimmy Post Moves are a bit tough to do in the post and far from overpowered, so this badge won’t trigger a ton and will probably, at best, be used rarely when regular fades and hooks are more effective.

To unlock Dream Shake for your player, you’ll need the following attributes:

Recommendation: There are a ton of better post badges, like Deep Hooks or Deep Fades, that will help you dominate down low. Dream Shake is not one of them, and we don’t recommend it at all.

Downhill Badge

The Downhill badge is back for NBA 2K22 and increases your player’s speed with ball rating on fastbreak opportunities, giving a boost to how fast a player runs with the ball on a fastbreak. It is in the Playmaking category of badges.

You need the following attributes to unlock Downhill for your player:

  • Bronze: 43 Speed with Ball
  • Silver: 55 Speed with Ball
  • Gold: 64 Speed with Ball
  • Hall of Fame: 73 Speed with Ball

Recommendation: If you frequently run the fastbreak for your team, Downhill is going to be a great badge to have on a high level. Otherwise this badge does not have a ton of use.

Bail Out Badge

The Bail Out badge is back for NBA 2K22 and increases the chances of a successful and accurate pass out of a jumpshot or layup while mid-air. It is in the Playmaking category of badges.

Bail Out, if used, can be one of the more effective badges for any player. It can not only avoid turnovers, but also bait the defense and getting teammates open shots.

On bronze, you’ll typically never throw an errant pass out of a jumper or layup. But on higher levels (either Gold or Hall of Fame), your pass outs will be on target the large majority of the time.

Here’s how you are going to be able to equip Bail Out on your player on Next-Gen:

  • Bronze: 65 Pass Accuracy
  • Silver: 75 Pass Accuracy
  • Gold: 86 Pass Accuracy
  • Hall of Fame: 95 Pass Accuracy

Recommendation: Shooters and slashers could definitely benefit from Bronze Bail Out, while players who know how to use pass outs effectively should definitely get the badge on higher levels.

Ankle Breaker Badge

Ankle Breaker is back for NBA 2K22 and improves the likelihood of freezing or dropping a defender during dribble moves, especially stepback moves or certain chains of dribble moves.

Here’s how to get Ankle Breaker on your player on Next-Gen:

  • Bronze: 70 Ball Handle
  • Silver: 78 Ball Handle
  • Gold: 86 Ball Handle
  • Hall of Fame: 94 Ball Handle

Recommendation: Ankle Breaker is one of the most effective dribbling badges in the game, as dropping your defender leads to easy bucket for your team. This badge is a must have for playmaking builds, and at least on Gold.

Flashy Passer Badge

The Flashy Passer badge is new for NBA 2K20 and gives a boost to a player’s Takeover when completing an assist using a Flashy Pass. It will also give the unknown Takeover boost to the receiver of the flashy pass.

Flashy Passer is a largely unnecessary yet super effective badge for all game modes. On higher levels, which we only recommend it at, it gives a huge boost to Takeover on assists completed with a flashy pass.

Recommendation: If you have a playmaking build and have a use for flashy passes in game, we recommend equipping it on the highest level possible. You’ll see your teammates’ Takeover shoot up and help you get more wins.

Dimer Badge

Dimer is back for NBA 2K22 and increases the shot percentage for teammates on jump shots after catching a pass in a catch-and-shoot situation. Dimer requires the following attributes to equip on your player:

  • Bronze: 70 Pass Accuracy
  • Silver: 80 Pass Accuracy
  • Gold: 90 Pass Accuracy
  • Hall of Fame 99 Pass Accuracy

Recommendation: While we recommend Dimer on all Playmaking builds, it’s more useful when playing with lower rated shooters such as Shooting Centers or Two-Way Wings. While not necessary, it’s one of the best playmaking badges.

Space Creator Badge

The Space Creator badge is new for NBA 2K20 and boosts your player’s ability to create space from a defender on a step back move or shot. It is in the Playmaking category of badges.

This badge is one of the only ways to get ankle breakers in 2K20, but the badge only activates on snatch back dribbles moves or stepback moving jumpshots.

Recommendation: If you frequently use stepback shots or use the snatch back move in dribble combos, we recommend maxing this badge out and enjoying its animation set.

Otherwise, this badge has no real value and you could use playmaking badge points elsewhere. However, it carries some value on Bronze if you want the occasional ankle breaker on a snatch back.

Handles for Days Badge

The new ‘Handles for Days’ badge allows playmakers and dribbling builds to lose less stamina when chaining dribble moves. It should allow players to dribble for longer before fumbling the ball due to low stamina.

Dribbling stamina is notoriously bad this year, with even a few simple dribble moves draining a player’s stamina. Handles for Days expands the amount of moves you can do, including momentum dribble.

Recommendation: If you frequently dribble or iso, you’re going to need to Hall of Fame Handles for Days. However, if you’re a point guard who only occasionally dribbles, Silver would work fine.