Category: NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges

Corner Specialist Badge

Corner Specialist is back for NBA 2K22 and boosts deep mid-range or 3pt shots taken along the baseline of the court. It works on both off the dribble and off the catch corner shots.

To unlock Corner Specialist on your next-gen MyPlayer:

  • Bronze: 55 3pt
  • Silver: 68 3pt
  • Gold: 78 3pt
  • Hall of Fame: 87 3pt

Recommendation: This badge is required for corner spot-ups, but is also a good badge to have for players who fade from the baseline. This badge is really good at its function.

Clutch Shooter Badge

Clutch Shooter is a rework of the Clutch Performer badge of the past few years, and gives a large boost to shot attempts that occur during late-game moments, such as game point in the Park and the 4th Quarter in Rec/MyCareer.

To unlock Clutch Shooter on next-gen:

  • Bronze: 49 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Silver: 59 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Gold: 67 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Hall of Fame: 74 Mid Range or 3pt

Recommendation: This badge is unnecessary for most players, but can be overpowered in the right situations. A lot of competitive players use it to boost their late-game performances on the offensive end.

Catch and Shoot Badge

The Catch and Shoot badge is back for NBA 2K22 and gives a significant boost to the receiver’s outside shooting attributes for a short time after receiving a pass. It is in the Shooting category of badges.

To unlock C&S for your next-gen MyPlayer:

  • Bronze: 66 3pt
  • Silver: 77 3pt
  • Gold: 84 3pt
  • Hall of Fame: 92 3pt

Recommendation: Any off-ball builds should max out Catch and Shoot, as its effect is great enough for three or four badge points. It’s truly one of the best shooting badges in the game.

Flexible Release Badge

The Flexible Release badge is new for NBA 2K20 and reduces the shot timing penalties for jump shots, making it easier to knock down attempts even when releasing early or late.

According to NBA 2K Lab, this badge gives a sizable boosts to all shots outside the green window, with greater boosts given to shots far outside the green window. However, its full strength is revealed at the Hall of Fame level.

Shooter with bad timing or bad internet should max this badge out, while shooters who hover around the green window on most of their shots will find this badge useless.

Slippery Off-Ball Badge

The Slippery Off-Ball badge is back for NBA 2K22 and allows players to more effectively navigate through traffic when attempting to get open off screens. It also helps on the new Off-Ball juke system.

To unlock Slippery Off-Ball on next-gen:

  • Bronze: 40 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Silver: 45 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Gold: 50 Mid Range or 3pt
  • Hall of Fame: 55 Mid Range or 3pt

Recommendation: This badge is not useful for the wide majority of offensive players, though it is effective to offball sharpshooters that run around to get open and pop a three.

Space Creator Badge

The Space Creator badge is new for NBA 2K20 and boosts your player’s ability to create space from a defender on a step back move or shot. It is in the Playmaking category of badges.

This badge is one of the only ways to get ankle breakers in 2K20, but the badge only activates on snatch back dribbles moves or stepback moving jumpshots.

Recommendation: If you frequently use stepback shots or use the snatch back move in dribble combos, we recommend maxing this badge out and enjoying its animation set.

Otherwise, this badge has no real value and you could use playmaking badge points elsewhere. However, it carries some value on Bronze if you want the occasional ankle breaker on a snatch back.

Tireless Shooter Badge

The Tireless Shooter badge is back for NBA 2K21 next-gen and current gen, and reduces the penalty on shot attributes on jump shots when your player is tired.

To unlock Tireless Shooter on your next-gen MyPlayer:

  • Gold: 71 Mid Range, or 69 Three Pointer
  • Hall of Fame: 90 Mid Range, or 88 Three Pointer

Recommendation: We recommend getting the Tireless Scoring badge on any offensive build, as it does indeed help you score when you player is low on stamina. You don’t need it on Hall of Fame, but it is a good badge to have in your arsenal.