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NBA 2K22 Official News Thread

NBA 2K22 will be released on September 10, 2021. This post will contain all the news drops available for NBA 2K22 and should serve as your go-to headquarters for finding new information about the newest iteration of the game.

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Versions of the Game and the Cover Athletes

  • Standard Edition: Available for both Current ($60) and Next-Gen ($70). Contains one copy of the game for the respective console in which you purchase the game for. Preorder here.
  • Cross-Gen Digital: For $80, you get a digital version of both the Current and Next-Gen versions of the game on either the Playstation or Xbox console family. Preorder here.
  • 75th Anniversary Edition: With Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowtizki, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the cover, this version contains both the Current and Next-Gen versions of the game, plus some extra goodies like 100,000 VC. Preorder here.
  • 25th Anniversary WNBA Version: With Candace Parker on the cover, this is a Next-Gen only version of the game. It’s still the full NBA 2K22 game, but with a WNBA-specific cover. Preorder here.

Gameplay Updates

  • 2K claims to have a new slate of signature moves and combos, and jump shooting, contact dunks, and alley oops are apparently more skill-based. We’ll see, but hopefully this decreases the amount of ridiculous dunk animations and whites going in.
  • 2K also claims there is a new shot contest and blocking system. Next-Gen has a notoriously bad contest system, especially in the paint, so hopefully this claim applies especially to the PS5/Xbox X version of the game.
  • We expect these changes to largely affect Next-Gen. Current Gen has largely been the same game for the past few years. Current Gen may see the addition of sigs, but I doubt it will get any other major gameplay revamps.
  • 2K’s gameplay director stated that the on-court experience is similar between current and next-gen 2K22. Graphics probably differ, but controls and on-court feel seem to be pretty similar according to this source.
  • Some shooting stuff: You don’t need a super high rating to shoot decently, Steady Shooter is gone, the vibration cue remains out of the game, shot aiming is gone, and there is a new shot meter.


  • MyCareer is going to be completely different between Current Gen and Next-Gen. There is no cross-progression.
  • Next-Gen will have no storyline like in past years, apparently the focus is on your player’s life in the City. This includes storylines around endorsements, quests with NPCs in the City, and amassing wealth and assets like housing and other stuff.
  • We expect Current Gen to have a similar experience to past years. There will be a new storyline, but the same endorsement pipeline and a shorter timeline that cuts out at about midway through the first season. Most will skip the story on Current Gen, anyways.
  • There will be seasonal animation content drops for the MyPlayer mode. This includes dribble animations and even jumpshot animations.
  • Preorder NBA 2K22 here.

The City/Neighborhood

  • On Next-Gen, the City will feature NPCs that supposedly enhance the experience. We’re a bit skeptical about their role. In addition, the City is redesigned to also improve the experience of walking around. Hopefully stuff is easier to find and walk times are decreased.
  • MATCHMAKING IS FINALLY ON NEXT-GEN. Although there are not many details, apparently we will be able to hop into certain buildings and get games. Hopefully this means we can go solo when our buddies can’t play, but we shall see.
  • Current Gen’s Park is now on a cruise ship. Kind of a cool concept, but it will probably otherwise have the same layout as the past few years. Apparently the cruise ship will stop at islands for special events, but we’ll see closer to release date.
  • Seasons are apparently a feature in the City and Neighborhood. They made their debut in MyTeam in 2K21, and offered prizes for a limited amount of time based on gameplay. We loved them in MyTeam, and they will probably be pretty cool for online MyCareer game modes.
  • As always, visuals of the new City and Cruise Ship will be released basically a few days before release of the game. This means we will have to wait until around September 5-9 to see some real news on the supposed upgrades.


  • MyTeam will largely be the same between console generations, with the only differences being related to gameplay. There is cross-progression between the consoles, meaning your progress is saved on both Current Gen and Next Gen consoles.
  • Seasons, which was actually a great way to keep MyTeam alive during typical dead periods, is back for 2K22.They apparently extend to all game modes, but we assume it will be about the same as the seasons we saw and loved in 2K21.
  • Draft mode is back for MyTeam, which allows two players to join a game without having a team prepared. Instead, they are randomly assigned players. This should be fun for some players (especially NMS), but may not be used by the card collector players.
  • Apparently there is a new game mode debuting around Thanksgiving/Christmas. We don’t have any details on it, but it might be interesting to keep an eye out for.

Other Relevant Information

  • There is no cross-console play this year, meaning Xbox players cannot play with or against Playstation players and Current Gen players can not play against or with Next-Gen players.
  • MyTeam progress again carries over from Current Gen to Next-Gen, and vice-versa. MyCareer will not have cross-progression, however, and MyCareer will vary differently between generations again.
  • The Nintendo Switch and the PC will receive only the Current Gen version of the game. This is a sad development, especially for the PC, but they will only receive the older version of the game for the second straight year.
  • Preorder NBA 2K22 here.

NBA 2K21 Breaking News & Information

NBA 2K21 is only a few months away from release, meaning we’re going to learn more and more about the game in coming weeks.

This post will summarize all the news about NBA 2K21 as it becomes available.

There are Four Versions of the Game

  • 2K21 Standard Edition (PS4/Xbox 1): With Damian Lillard on the cover, this is the regular version of the game on PS4 and Xbox 1. Costs $59.99, releases September 4.
  • 2K21 Mamba Forever (PS4/Xbox 1): With Kobe Bryant on the cover, this version comes with a bunch of bonuses and even a free version of the NEXT edition on PS5/Xbox X. Costs $99.99.
  • 2K21 Next Edition (PS5/Xbox X): With Zion Williamson on the cover, this serves as the Standard Edition on the new consoles. Cost $69.99, releases in late November/December.
  • 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition (PS5/Xbox X): With Kobe Bryant on the cover, this version comes with a ton of bonuses and a free version of the Standard Edition of 2K21 on Xbox 1/PS4. Costs $99.99.

Progress May, or May Not, Carry Over from Console-to-Console

  • Shared VC Wallet: VC, whether bought or earned, will carry over from the old consoles to the new ones in NBA 2K21.
  • MyTeam Progress: MyTeam progress, including Tokens, MT, and Cards, will carry over to next gen consoles.
  • Progress from the Neighborhood/MyPlayer will not carry over from old consoles to new ones.

Park/MyPlayer News

  • Progress from the Park/MyPlayer will not carry over from old consoles to new ones.
  • The MyPlayer experience will be totally different from 2K21 on the current consoles and 2K21 on the newer consoles.
  • The Neighborhood on current Generation will be called “The Beach”.
  • The Park will be called something different in 2K21, though the exact name is unclear.
  • The Rep Grind will be back in 2K21 with similar tiers but different prizes at each tier.
  • More information about the Parrk and MyPlayer stuff won’t release until late-August, but this page will stay updated with any new information.

There is a New Shot Meter

  • The new meter is above the head with a moving icon and a “perfect” zone to denote a green release.
  • The no meter option and accompanying boost return as a high-risk/high-reward alternative to the meter.

A Demo for Current Generation 2K21 will release on August 24, 2020

This news has not been confirmed by 2K, but appeared on a forum post by Playstation. We fully expect this to be true.


  • MyTeam Progress: MyTeam progress, including Tokens, MT, and Cards, will carry over to next gen consoles.
  • Evolution cards are back in 2K21, with the symbol being a lightning bolt instead of a star.
  • Position locks are back, with dual position availability still available for cards.
  • The bulk of MyTeam news will be released in late August, but this page and our 2K21 MyTeam news page will stay updated with any new information.

Miscellaneous Information

  • 2K21 on PS5/Xbox X will load in about 2 seconds.
  • Screenshots of Players builds and ratings will start to be released in coming days.
  • Information about MyGM/MyLeague will be released near the end of July.
  • Gameplay videos will be released in early August.
  • Information about MyTeam, MyPlayer, and the Park will be released in late August