After a few years of a singular finishing-primary badge, Relentless Finisher, 2K added a second to complement the legacy badge: Contact Finisher.

And while many would think the two badges overlap, they in fact do not. Here are the key differences between the two most important finishing badges in NBA 2K20:

Contact Finisher

Contact Finisher allows slashers who play below the rim finish contact layups more successfully while dunkers are able to pull off more contact dunks.

Relentless Finisher

Relentless Finisher improves a player’s ability to take a lot of contact by reducing the energy lost when attacking the rim for contact shots.

Contact Finisher vs Relentless Finisher

Essentially, Contact Finisher will allow you to finish contact layups and dunks more successfully and Relentless Finisher will allow you to do it more frequently.

Which Badge Should I Equip?

If you’re a pure slashing build, we’d recommend equipping both. Although they have different boosts, both are super effective when finishing layups.

However, if you’re a non-slashing builds, you should avoid Relentless Finisher and stick with Contact Finisher. You won’t need the benefits of Relentless Finisher, while Contact Finisher is a must-have for all builds.