The Floor General Badge is back for NBA 2K21 and boosts all of your teammates’ offensive attributes when on the floor. The boosts are as follow:

  • +1 on Bronze
  • +2 on Silver
  • +3 on Gold
  • +4 on Hall of Fame, plus the added bonus of seeing teammates’ real-time shooting percentages at any spot on the court.

This badge is mainly used to help lower-rated shooters on your team make more shots. However, the boosts only apply to your teammates’ attributes and not your own.

The following attributes are needed on next-gen to unlock Floor General for your player:

  • Bronze: 68 Pass Accuracy
  • Silver: 78 Pass Accuracy
  • Gold: 88 Pass Accuracy
  • Hall of Fame: 98 Pass Accuracy

Recommendation: Floor General is mainly if you play with teammates that struggle on offense (especially shooting) or need the boost for any other reason (speedboosting, contact dunks, etc).

However, I’m sure your teammates in any situation would appreciate you throwing on Floor General on any level if you have extra Playmaking badge points. You’ll be their favorite teammate in no time.