Lob City Finisher is back for NBA 2K21 next-gen and current gen, and improves a player’s ability to successfully finish an alley-oop layup or dunk. The shot must be taken before the receiver lands. It is in the Finishing category of badges.

Here are the attribute requirements for Lob City Finisher on Next-Gen:

  • Bronze: 55 Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk
  • Silver: 70 Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk
  • Gold: 85 Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk
  • Hall of Fame: 95 Driving Dunk or 96 Standing Dunk

Recommendation: If you’re a slasher who will be catching a lot of lobs, Hall of Fame Lob City Finisher is necessary. But if you’re only catching the occasional lob, having Lob City on Bronze or Silver will be sufficient.