Shooting out of the midrange used to be overpowered as far back as NBA 2K19, but has lost its luster as 3PT hunting has become the norm in recent games. Middy Magician hopes to change that for NBA 2K23.

What is Middy Magician?

Middy Magician is a new badge for NBA 2K23 and improves a player’s ability to make midrange jumpers off the bounce or out of the post. It is in the shooting category of badges.

Although it does not seem like Difficult Shots is out of NBA 2K23, we assume Middy Magician will work similarly while also incorporating post fades. We will have more information on the required attributes and Tier in coming weeks.

Who should equip Middy Magician?

While we fully expect to see three point shooting to dominate NBA 2K23, this badge could be quite lethal if it is in either of the lower tiers. Many players may not benefit greatly from this badge, but some players could really dominate in 2s.