NBA 2K21 will be a game that continues the excellence of the MyCareer/MyPlayer mode. Here are all the news of the mode(s) that has been released:

  • There is no Quick Draw badge in NBA 2K21. You can choose your jumpshot speed in the Jumpshot Creator instead.
  • Picking badges and be able to switch them is back, but there is a slightly different selection of badges for this year.
  • Point Guards can now be as tall as 6’8″, an increase from the former 6’6″ cap.
  • There are 14 new Park Size-Ups and 36 New NBA Size-ups to equip on your player.
  • A College Storyline will be a part of the NBA 2K21 MyCareer experience.
  • There is a new shot meter that works with the Pro Stick. The no meter and accompanying boost returns.
  • You can choose from 40 new Jumpshot Landings for the Park.
  • The Pro Stick will also be used to target layups, shots, and even blocks on the defensive end.
  • Intimidator (the badge) is back for 2K21, but apparently reworked to lessen its dominant effects.
  • Park Rep is back for 2K21, and will be similar to the Rep system from 2K20.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available about 2K21. You can buy NBA 2K21 here.