Putback Boss is back for NBA 2K22, and boosts the shot attributes of a player that attempts a putback layup or dunk right after getting an offensive rebound. It is in the Finishing category of badges.

To unlock Putback Boss on your player, you’ll need these attributes:

  • Bronze: 52 Close Shot or 47 Driving Drunk or 46 Standing Dunk
  • Silver: 64 Close Shot or 58 Driving Drunk or 57 Standing Dunk
  • Gold: 72 Close Shot or 65 Driving Drunk or 65 Standing Dunk
  • Hall of Fame: 80 Close Shot or 73 Driving Drunk or 73 Standing Dunk

Recommendation: We’d recommend staying away from Putback Boss for the most part, as the badge has been underwhelmingly for years at this point.