NBA 2K has slowly been implementing the WNBA into the game since NBA 2K20, and NBA 2K21 features an entire online game mode for the WNBA, dubbed “The W.”

There is a wide variety of modes within the single mode, and we’ll break them all down here:

  • MyCareer: Allows you to Play through a season(s), upgrade your player, and compete for a WNBA Championship.
  • Player Progression: Upgrading your player is done through an XP-like system, meaning you don’t need to buy (or earn) VC to upgrade your player.
  • Popularity: You earn personal fans for on-and-off-court events that help you earn endorsements.
  • WNBA Popularity: You increase the league popularity through events, which help grow salaries and nationally televised games.
  • Wealth: A Bank Account of sorts that grows from events and game, and allows you to unlock and purchase things for online play.
  • Off-day and Offseason Jobs: Choose from Coach, Entrepreneur, Global Icon, Fashion Icon, and Influencer archetypes to add an off-court aspect to the mode.
  • The W Online: An online, matchmaking 3v3 mode that allows you to compete against other players. Like the Neighborhood but without the wasteful walking around.

Overall, the W seems like a cool idea to integrate the WNBA into 2K’s most popular online mode.