With shooting being as wonky as it is in 2K21, Centers are playing an important role as a rebounder, inside finisher, and rim protector.

Therefore, having the right center build is paramount to playing the above roles as best as possible. Here are the best Center Builds in NBA 2K21:

5. 6’11” Stretch Five (Pure Shooting)

Height: 6’11”, Weight: 249 lbs, Wingspan: 85.0″

With shooting how it is this year, you’ll need a Pure Shooting buid to be a light-outs shooting big. This Stretch Five is the best of this kind, with an 84+ 3-pt rating and 24 shooting badges.

In addition, you get 12 Playmaking Badges to help on offense and 9 Defensive Badges to help protect the paint. It’s still a shooting-first build, but it can hold its own in other departments, as well.

Here’s a short video on how to make it:

4. 6’11” Glass Cleaning Lockdown (Pure Defensive)

Height: 6’11”, Weight: 246 lbs, Wingspan: 93.0″

This build is a defensive monster, with the ability to get 30 Defensive badges and all high defensive stats. It’s a good rec build, but its one-dimensional nature make it a bit weak for the Park.

Here’s a short video on how to make it:

3. 6’10” Glass Cleaner (Shooting and Defensive)

Height: 6’10”, Weight: 245 lbs, Wingspan: 92.0″

This two-way build is perfect for any game mode, with the ability to shoot decent (given this year’s shooting) and defend well.

And while the shooting won’t be lights out, it will be good enough to space the floor while playing high-level defense. Here’s a short video on how to make this build:

2. 6’9″ Glass-Cleaning Finisher (Finishing and Defensive)

Height: 6’9″, Weight: 238 lbs, Wingspan: 91.0″

This is the best center build for the park, with the ability to clamp up on defense, set screens, and roll and finish at a high level.

And while it can’t shoot, shooting is less expected from a center this year. Therefore, this build will continue to dominate for months to come. Here’s a short video on how to make it:

Best: 6’11” Glass Cleaning Lockdown (Finishing/Defending)

Height: 6’11”, Weight: 250 lbs, Winspan: 93.0″

This finishing and defensive build can dominate in any mode: Rec, Park, Pro-Am, you name it. It’s got the physicals, badges, and attributes to cook any other center.

While it can’t shoot, it excels in the pick&roll and on the defensive end. Here’s a short video on how to make the best center build in NBA 2K21: