With shooting being as wonky as it is in 2K22, Centers are playing an important role as a rebounder, inside finisher, and rim protector.

Therefore, having the right center build is paramount to playing the above roles as best as possible. Here are the best Center Builds in NBA 2K22:


  • Best Park Center Build: 2-Way Facilitator. A shorter, more versatile build that can do a bit of everything on the court. 24 Finishing, 24 Shooting, 17 Playmaking, and 33 Defensive badge points. Above is the picture of the build, and here is the video on how to build it.
Best Defensive Center Build in NBA 2K22
NBA 2K22_20211224200015
  • Best Defensive Center Build: Paint Beast. A 7’0″ build that is made for Rec and a bit of Park, and comes with 33 Finishing, 15 Playmaking, and 35 defensive badge points. Above is the screenshot on how to build it and here is the video on how to build it yourself.

Best Center Build on Current Gen: Glass-Cleaning Lockdown. A defensive and interior finishing monster, this build is perfect for the Rec or if you want to take a bigger build to the Park. Here’s how to make it.