Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K21

Getting open off the dribble is one of the most valuable skills in NBA 2K21. And while stick skills are still super important to master dribbling, having the right animations is the first thing you need to master.

In this post we break down the best dribble moves in NBA 2K21, with a main focus on primary ball handlers and a slight focus on players with lower ball handling:

Note: Your player will need at least an 80 Ball Handle attribute to get the pro dribble moves listed in this post.

  • Best Dribble Style: Quick or Shifty. Allows you to chain moves quickly to break down your defender and get buckets, also allows you to quick stop on next-gen.
  • Best Moving Crossover: Pro 8 for a crossover that gets you a lot of space, and Pro 2 if you want a quick move to burst past your defender. Normal 3 is good for non-playmaking builds.
  • Best Moving Behind-the-Back: Pro 3 for teleporting across the court with the flick of the stick (and next-gen), or Pro 5 to quickly change direction. Normal 2 is good for non-playmaking builds.
  • Best Moving Spin: Basic 1. Simply the best, whether you use the move a lot or not.
  • Best Moving Hesitation: Pro 3 or Pro 4. Hesis aren’t great this year, as using L2 to quick stop is the best way to stun your defender or change direction laterally.
  • Best Basic Size-Up: Pro 2 or Pro 5. Both are quick, but there’s visual differences that you’ll have to test out yourself before choosing these two top options.
  • Signature Size-Up: Steph Curry. Curry’s dribble moves are insane this year, and his size-up is a great way to start your chain of moves.
  • Size-Up Escape: Pro 2. Another Curry dribble move that will allow you to do the Curry Slide as many times as you want.

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  1. Why does the pro 8 dribble package not show up as a dribble to add?

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