NBA 2K23 is a team game in that everyone must contribute their part in order to win. The best way for each position to make their contribution is to each have the best build at their position, meaning the ones with the best attributes and badges to dominate their spot on the floor.

Here are the best builds for each position in NBA 2K23, broken down into Guards (up to 6’5″), Swings (6’6″ to 6’9″), and Big Men (6’10” and up):


Guards are highly underappreciated in this game, thanks to the dominance of larger builds, but they can play a huge role in teams winning games with their speed and quick jumpshots. Here’s the best guard build:

This PG build is very well rounded, with the ability to dunk and play defense at an acceptable level, but excels at shooting the lights out and breaking down defenders with ease.

The above video is a quick tutorial on how to build it, with a breakdown of the best badges to pair with the build to maximize its strengths.


This 6’10” build is super well-round. It’s really only great at finishing, but it’s a capable spot-up shooter, good switch defender, and can put the ball on the floor if need be.

The video above is a short tutorial of how to make this build, which garnered comparisons to Lebron James and Scottie Pippen. We even included a part with the badges we think you should equip on the build.

Big Men

This Center Build is built for playing defense in the paint and knocking down shots on the perimeter. While it’s won’t post up super well and certainly cannot dribble, it is the perfect build for any mode.

Above is a quick video on how to make the build, including a part on which badges maximize the strengths needed at the center position.