Playing MyCareer games is still the best way to get your badges quickly, but there’s an easy way to supplement this progress: practice drills in between games.

There are a ton of drills to choose from in NBA 2K23, and we’ve tried all of them. The following are the easiest and most effective to help you grind badges quickly, broken down into their respective categories:

Finishing: Fatigued Finishing

The Finishing drills are pretty bad, but Fatigued Finishing is a Hard-level drill that is fairly easy to complete. The biggest key here is to start your layup or dunk early, and to not waste stamina running back to the balls on the perimeter.

Shooting: Rip to Flare Shooting

This drill requires you to shoot catch-and-shoot midrange and three point shots, and it’s easy if you have decent shooting ratings. It’s a hard-level drill as well, so you’ll get a ton of points for a relatively simple drill.

Playmaking: Dribble Speed Run

A playmaking drill that is relatively easy for guards with good speed with ball and ball handle. Although big men and some swing builds may struggle with it, it still is effective with the group that mainly needs to grind a ton of playmaking badges.

Defense: Charge

This medium-level drill has your player take a charge in the paint, netting you 1000 defensive points if you get three stars. All you need to do is move one step, hold O/X, and take the charge. Easy and super quick.

Should you do Coaches’ Drills?

It depends. The Coaches’ Drills are terrible this year, ranging from a Partner’s 3pt drill that is easy but too short, to constant 4-on-3 fastbreak drills that are just terrible. Don’t go out of your way to do them, but you might as well do them if you are in the Practice Gym already.