Best Rep Method in NBA 2K21 to Reach Legend Quickly

Hitting Legend in NBA 2K21 is a huge acheivement, and one that is certainly viable for those who play the game a lot.

However, if you want to save some time in your Rep grind, we point out the best method to reach Top Rep in less time than ever before:

  • Catch Lobs (for Big Men): Making a Build with Slashing Takeover and catching lobs is the best way for big men/wings to make a ton of rep to reach Legend.
  • Throw Lobs (for Point Guards): Making a build with Playmaking takeover and throwing lobs will make you the most rep as a PG to eventually reach Legend.
  • Winning games: You get a Win Bonus after each win you get (typically 2500 MyPoints), so winning most of your games is another shortcut to making a ton of rep.
  • Play Difficult Opponents: This isn’t always in your control, but you can get a nice little MyPoints bonus (up to 4000 MyPoints) for beating tough opponents.
  • Take Advantage of Double Rep Events: Double Rep Weekend Events are a great way to add some variance to the boring Park and earn double (or more) rep for playing games.
  • Play the Game a Lot: If you play the game a lot, your path to Legend is a lot easier. Sounds obvious, but reaching Legend requires you to play a ton of NBA 2K21.


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