Rim Protector Takeover vs Glass Cleaner Takeover for Centers and Big Men

Most big men in NBA 2K20 have two options for their Takeover: Rim Protector or Glass Cleaner. While in some cases they can equip Post Scoring Takeover, the aforementioned two are the main options.

The differences between them are pretty stark, but considering your choice is set once you start your build, it’s important to choose the right one.

Rim Protector Takeover

Rim Protector Takeover gives players strong shot contest boosts and an arsenal of exclusive blocks that allow them to anchor the defense.

This Takeover only requires two blocks or about four good shot contests to activate (it’s pretty quick), and while activated, Rim Protector Takeover effectively shuts down the paint for opposing offenses.

Glass Cleaner Takeover

Glass Cleaner Takeover gives players the ability to read missed shots, win more box out battlers, secure more boards, and finish putbacks more consistently.

This Takeover requires five-plus boards to activate and generally takes longer than Rim Protector to activate. However, once activated, you get to see where to rebound missed shots, but the other supposed boosts are comparatively pretty weak.

Which One is Better for Your Big Man?

After testing both on similar builds, we recommend Rim Protector Takeover on your big man. It not only activates quicker, but the boosts are far and beyond more effective in every game mode.

And with Takeover having a large effect on the 95-99 grind and also Park Rep, you’re going to want to go with the Takeover you can activate quicker, which so happens to be Rim Protector Takeover.


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  1. Just noticed this says 2k20, which one is best for bigs in 2k21 current gen? It seems like more people say Glass Cleaner is better. Testing my build before I start MyCareer with it and it doesn’t seem like Rim activates much faster this year

    • Rim is still the better Takeover when you get it activated, but Glass is certainly easier to activate. It just depends on how you play defense, if you are getting a lot of contests in the paint, then go Rim. If you mostly snag boards, go Glass.

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