How to Get the Gym Rat Badge

The Gym Rat badge is an unlockable badge in which you will get +4 to your Speed, Acceleration, Vertical, Strength, and Stamina. It can be unlocked through the following methods:

On Current Gen: You will need to complete the Mamba Mentality quest first, but afterwards you will need to talk to the NPC in front of the Gatorade Facility. He will give you a quest.

The “Addicted to Sweat” quest requires you to complete 50 exercises in the gym. You can also win a championship for your MyCareer team while playing 50+ games and get the Gym Rat Badge.

On Next Gen: You will get a Quest to talk to the Gatorade Rep. This will unlock the mission to get the Gym Rat badge, which includes 25 3-star exercises. This should take at least 5 weeks to unlock.


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  1. I won the championship my first season. I only play 37 games. Can I make up the games next season and not win the championship?

  2. 55 games including playoff games or excluding playoff games?

  3. Do you have to play every playoff game?

  4. After getting the gym rat badge how often does the physical attribute go up

  5. Does it still work if you traded team mid season

  6. You still get the badge if you only play 40 games and win the championship, you don’t need to go to 55. I’ve done 40 on two different builds, won the ship, and still got Gym Rat on both.

  7. I won the championship and played 81 games and didn’t get it?

  8. Will your 55 games count if you only played till the 3rd quarter? Or you have to play the whole game from quarter 1-4?

  9. Can you still get the gym rat badge after your first season?

  10. Can you only get the gym rat badge in the first season?

  11. Post playoffs do I have to do another season ?

  12. Hi Guys,
    If you get to Legend do all your builds get an extra 40 badge points or is it just the build you are using at the time?

  13. Can I sim regular season if I already did 55 games?

  14. So 40 games and a championship dosen’t cut it?

  15. Austyn C Harvey

    October 6, 2021 — 7:54 pm

    I played 59 non simulated games and every game in the playoffs and won the chip. This was 3 days ago i have yet to receive my gym rat badge!

  16. Tacarlos D Carothers

    October 28, 2021 — 6:07 am

    Will you still get the gym rat badge if you lose a game in the regular season 🤔

  17. I simi all the regular and in the playoffs, I play the game and simi it with 0 vc earned and win the championship, do I still get the gym rat badges

  18. How do you if you got the badge?

  19. how many regular season games must i play

  20. What about on Next Gen, can I play 50+ games and win the championship in mycareer to get gym rat badge?

  21. Can I sim more than 1 game at a time? If so how do I do it

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