The steps to reach Legend in NBA 2K23 are brand new, and differ from the systems of past games. Before, it was rather straightforward in that you could play a lot and reach the pinnacle.

Here are the ways to reach Legend in NBA 2K23, which seem to be a lot tougher and more gruesome to accomplish. You have to accomplish all four of the following:

  • Score 100,000 points in the City, Pro-Am, or Rec games: At 10 points a game, that is 10,000 games, which is about on par with what it took to reach Legend in past games.
  • Play 500 Games at GOAT Level: This is the purple color behind your season level, and can only be achieved by playing extremely well for extended periods of time.
  • Complete 12 Season Quests: These quests are usually ridiculous and time-consuming, and there are only 4 per season. So it takes at least 5 seasons to get this one.
  • Earn Prizes across 20 Events in the City: The Events are typically sweat-fests, so this is another tough thing to reach.

It seems like 2K wanted to make it harder for people to reach Legend in 2K23. In 2K22, you could just reach Level 40 in four seasons and reach Legend. Before that, you typically had to no-life the game, but the requirements were pretty linear.

Now, the requirements are a bit more surgical and require more thought when you’re playing the game. At least when it comes to the Season Quests and Events. Good Luck to anybody trying, it’s going to be a grind-and-a-half.