Legend Rep Rewards

Legend is the highest level in the new Park Rep system in NBA 2K20. And although the grind to this level will be almost as tough as achieving 99 in past years, the rewards to reaching Legend status are quite sweet:

Free Copy of NBA 2K21

It’s unclear how many players who reach Legend will get this reward, but the first unknown amount of players will get next year’s version of the game for free.

Arrive in Style

This one is largely unknown, but it seems like you may get a custom entrance into the Park when’s you reach Legend status. Again, the features for this are unknown.

Be Featured on an Episode of 2KTV

Just like the Wall for 99 overalls in the past few 2K games, this feature seems like a way for 2K to claim they commemorate a player’s grind without actual individual commemoration.

The Ability to Kick Players off the ‘Got Next’ Spot Unlocked

This VIP feature doesn’t get used a ton, but is still a cool reward for reaching Legend status.

Extra Badge Points

Legend status players get 10 extra badge points for each badge category, allowing them to get up to two more Hall of Fame badges in their main categories or three gold badges in their non-main categories.

Legend Player Panels Available

The Player Panels are an aesthetic feature that can be a cool feature with the unique Legend panel to let othe players know about your lengthy grind.


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  1. James-fr-gaming

    July 3, 2020 — 1:25 pm

    When are we going to get the free copies ?

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