Virtual Currency is the supreme currency in NBA 2K22 that allows you to upgrade your player, buy gear, or open packs in the MyTeam mode.

However, it can sometimes seem impossible to make, but, in this post we point out the best ways to make a ton of VC quickly.

Free Daily VC: The Daily Spin/Prize, Daily Bonus, and daily tasks can net you a decent amount of VC just from doing easy and quick tasks.

Other Tasks: On Next-Gen, the tasks for the various categories can earn you free and easy VC. While some may take some time, a lot of them are simple and require you to just play the game.

Offline Grinding: MyCareer may be boring, but you earn a good deal of VC for each game (from 1K+ in some cases). This can also be done in about 15 minutes per game by subbing out at halftime.

Limit Spending: It’s easy to drain your VC wallet on clothes, shoes, and other stuff, but saving it for whatever you really want (a new player, for example), is always the smarter move.

Play Ante-Up: The Stage is home to the sweatiest of 2K players, but provides the most VC for winning games. We only recommend this method if you are very good at 2K.

Play 3v3 ProAm: 3v3 ProAm is a bit less competitive than Stage, but gives a decent amount of VC per game. You can earn up to 750 VC per game that takes the same amount of time as a typical Park game.

Buy VC: We absolutely do not recommend this method, but if you are impatient and have the money, there is no doubt that buying VC is the easiest way to pad your VC wallet.