In NBA 2K22 Next-Gen, there are a slew of new game modes that give you more options at different gameplay. This list will explain each game mode in 2K22:

  • Neighborhood: Your typical Park games. There are 3v3 and 2v2 courts that allow you to play in a squad or with random players within your affiliation.
  • City Slam/Rooftop Courts: These are single player games where you take on the computer in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games. If you complete the entire mode, you win some decent prizes.
  • Garage Hoop: A multiplayer mode that allows you to choose from a wide array of games, including 2v2 and 3v3. It is a completely walk-on mode in which random players can choose to play together.
  • The Factory: The Factory is a Next-Gen replacement of the Cages. It is a matchmaking mode that allows you to play in squad or by yourself, though it does not get super crowded.
  • The Market: A 1v1 matchmaking mode that pits you against a random player in a head-to-head game. You will get games rather quickly, but you need a build that is specifically built to play 1v1.
  • The Old Gym: A solo player mode that matches you up with random teammates against a similarly random opposition. A great game if your buddies are not on or you just want to run with randoms.
  • The Warehouse: A 3v3 mode that will match you up with teammates against three AI NBA players. Games are tough to find, but it can be a relaxing mode against the computer.
  • Ante-Up: The hyper-competitive mode that makes you put up VC to play, with a much larger prize if you win the game. Of course, you forfeit your VC if you lose, but it is the go-to game mode for hardcore players.