NBA 2K23 adds in a bevy of new controls to give you more control over how your player dunks the ball. In this post, we break down all the controls you’ll need to know to master dunking in 2K23.

Note: All of these controls trigger when you are holding down the sprint button (right trigger) when heading to the basket, and you only need to time certain dunks:

  • Two-Hand Dunk: Up on the Right Stick
  • Strong /Dominant Hand: Right on the Right Stick
  • Weak/Non-Dominant Hand: Left on the Right Stick
  • Rim Hang: Down on the Right Stick
  • Flashy Two-Hand: Up-Up on the Right Stick
  • Normal Skill Dunk with Meter: Up-Down on the Right Stick
  • Rim Hang Skill Dunk with Meter: Down-Down on Right Stick

We will have to see which animations are included within each category, but it seems like the safe and simple Two-Hand Dunks are going to reign supreme in 2K23.