The quick stop is one of the best ways for ball handlers to get open shots in NBA 2K22, as it allows a ball handler to stop on a dime without a bad load-up animation.

What you’ll need: In NBA 2K22, the quick stop requires either the Quick or Shifty dribble style. Other dribble styles make it extremely difficult to do the move effectively.

How to do it: To quick stop, you will need to flick your stick directly to the left or right at a 90 degree angle, depending on the direction you’re going. If you are off, you will get a weird animation.

You’ll need to practice this move to perfect it, as getting the perfect angle is tough at first. But with the necessary practice in the MyCourt or Gatorade gym, you will be shooting greens off the quick stop in no time.

How to maximize the Quick Stop: Equipping Blinders will stop defenders from contesting you from the side coming off the screen. Deadeye can also help when help defenders jump at you.

In addition, a quick jumpshot (like 98 on current gen, or Jumpshot 3/Ray Allen on next-gen) is necessary to avoid contests from the defense. You’ll need to practice this jumpshot off the quick stop, as the timing is a bit different.