Shooting Boosts are an in-game purchase with VC that gives a boost to how well you shoot in all games modes. Priced at 200 VC per game or 1500 per 10 games, they are the only true way to better your shooting attributes.

This begs the question: are Shooting Boosts necessary? We wholeheartedly say yes, as they certainly make it a lot easier to green shots in many modes. Our shot percentage increased a decent 20-30% with the boosts equipped.

And with a low 3pt rating shooter (a shooting/defense center), we found a similar increase in shooting percentage. We would say shooting boosts are more necessary for lower-rated shooters than those with a higher 3pt rating.

Recommendation: While the price of buying them may seem frustrating at times, if you really want to shoot at your highest potential, we highly recommend picking up some Shooting Boosts for your shooting build.