Shot Creator Takeover

Shot Creator Takeover allows shooters to become more effective at shooting off the dribble and can shake off defenders using stepback and spin gathers.

Anyone shooting or shot creating build should equip Shot Creator Takeover, as it boosts moving shots to a point where it’s almost impossible to miss an open or lightly contested one.

However, we wouldn’t recommend Shot Creator Takeover for Sharpshooters, as it won’t help you make more three pointers or fading three points. Stick to Spot Up Shooter Takeover.

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  1. Comp Stage Player

    August 27, 2020 — 1:06 pm

    Actually it will help you make ANY moving shot no matter where you are as long as it’s a stepback, spin gather, pull up, or moving shot. If you have a sharpshooter build it would be best to equip shot creator takeover

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