Slasher Takeover boosts finishing at the rim in traffic and gives more effective gathers to get past the defense.

When activated, this Takeover gives you a +10 to Driving Layup, Driving Dunk, Standing Dunk, Close Shot, Ball Handle, Speed with Ball, Speed, Strength, and Vertical. You also get a +5 boost to all other attributes.

On Next-Gen, Slasher takeover comprises of the following categories:/

  • Advanced Gathers: Unlocks more effective spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers
  • Finishing Moves: Able to absorb contact and finish at the rim more effectively.
  • Easy Blowbys: Enhances abilities for slashers to beat defenders off the dribble.

Recommendation: Slasher takeover is one of the best guard takeovers this year, so we recommend it for anyone that finishes at the rim the majority of the time or is a finishing build.

In addition, Slasher takeover is one of the best for grinding Park Rep, as Alley Oops and Dunks are easy ways to get a ton of Rep per game. We also recommend Slasher Takeover if you’re a serious Rep grinder.