Speedboosting refers to the animation in which a player with a high ball handling rating gets a boost in speed after completing a certain chain of dribble moves.

It is one of the most effective moves in Park and almost unguardable when used correctly. But the requirements to Speedboost in NBA 2K20 have changed a bit. Here’s how:

You Need 86 Speed With Ball

You formerly needed 86 Ball Control to Speedboost, but now the requirement is 86 Speed with Ball. However, Speed with Ball is not it’s own attribute this year.

Speed with Ball is calculated in the following manner: (Speed rating * .7) + (Ball Control rating * .3) = Speed with Ball rating. As long as that math surpasses 86, you’ll be able to Speedboost off rip.

How to get 86 Speed with Ball

Twitter user @ooPaulagio created a helpful chart that details what attributes you’ll need to Speedboost in NBA 2K20:

Speedboosting with lower than 86 Speed with Ball

You’ll still be able to somewhat Speedboost without a concrete 86 Speed with Ball rating. This is because Playmaking Takeover and “getting hot” raises your Ball Control attributes.

So, as long as your Speed and Ball Control ratings are around 86, you should still be able to Speedboost with your Takeover bar a bit full. Remember, Takeover increases your main attributes +5 on normal overalls and up to +10 on higher overalls.

How to Speedboost