NBA 2K23 Takeover Options

In NBA 2K23, you will have 25 total Takeover options to choose from, with eight main categories that are then broken into three subcategories. You can see the complete list and descriptions below.

Slashers: Slashers receive extra boosts to finishing at the rim in traffic and more effective gathers to get past the defense.

  • Advanced Gathers: Unlocks more effective spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers
  • Finishing Moves: Able to absorb contact and finish at the rim more effectively.
  • Easy Blowbys: Enhances abilities for slashers to beat defenders off the dribble.

Shot Creator: Shot Creators become more effective at shooting off the dribble and can shake off defenders consistently using stepback and spin gathers.

  • Pull-Up Precision: Boosts well-timed/aimed shots off the dribble.
  • Anklebreaking Shots: More anklebreakers off of spin and stepback jumpers.
  • Negative Impact: Reduces defensive impact against pull-ups and other skill shots.

Spot Up Shooter: Shop Up Shooters get a marked improvement to hit from deep, especially in catch and shoot situations.

  • Limitless Range: Extend your shooting range out to the logos.
  • Spot-up Precision: Boosts well timed/aimed stationary jump shots.

Playmaker: Playmakers can freeze defenders more often with augmented ball handling abilities and can enhance their teammates’ shot making off assists.

  • Team Ratings Boost: Playmakers boost their teammates’ offensive ratings
  • Team Takeover Boost: Boost your teammates’ takeover meter progress.
  • Team Badge Boost: Boosts your teammates’ badges up a tier.

Lockdown Defender: Lockdown Defenders receive boosts to steals and shot contests, allowing them to clamp down even the best scorers in the game.

  • Extreme Clamps: More Stone wall and lost dribble body-up resolutions for locks
  • Perimeter Badge Drop: Knocks shooting badges down a tier when you get close
  • Enhanced Jump Shot Contests: Boosts your ability to contest jumpers.

Rim Protector: Rim Protectors get strong shot contest boosts and an arsenal of exclusive blocks that allow them to anchor the defense.

  • Stuff Blocks: Unlocks more swat, backboard pins, and grab blocks
  • Paint Intimidation: Boosts your ability to affect shots around the rim.
  • Interior Badge Drop: Drops opposition’s scoring badges down a tier

Glass Cleaner: Glass Cleaners receive the ability to read missed shots, win more box out battlers, secure more boards, and finish putbacks more consistently.

  • Boxout Wall: Improves ability to seal off opponents for easy boards.
  • See the Future: Shows where missed shots are going to end up.
  • Glass Clearing Dimes: After rebounds, kick out passes boost your teammate’s shooting.

Post Scorer: Post Scorers become more dominant in the paint with stronger backdowns and enhanced moves and shots.

  • Power Backdowns: Easier to push defenders around when posting up.
  • Post Playmaking: Boost your teammates’ offensive abilities when passing out of post.
  • Advanced Post Moves: Easier to beat defenders with post moves.
  • Post Shot Daggers: Increased scoring ability with hooks, fades, shimmy shots, etc.

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