NBA 2K23 featured 24/7 matchmaking for the first time ever in the Old Gym, and while that specific game mode has been taken out of the game, a new version has been released in NBA 2K23: the Theater.

The Theater is another 24/7 matchmaking mode with a bit of a twist. Whereas the Old Gym was 3v3 random matchmaking, the Theater has several different game modes.

Theater Game Modes

For example, the first week was 2v2 “No Squads”, 2v2 Squads with bonus points for alley oops, 3v3 with Bonus points for assists, and 4v4. Four different game modes, four different themes.

We expect to see much of the same as the year progresses. Four different game modes, ranging from 1v1 to 5v5, all to 21, with matchmaking. It is unknown how often the events are updated, but there seems to be a mode for everyone.

This game mode has been an awesome upgrade over the Old Gym, and will continue to be so. Whether you have a squad or not, want to get away from the sweats in the Park, or just want instant games, the Theater is open.

Rep in the Theater

You do get park rep in the Theater, although it is lower than playing in your own park affiliation. The games also count towards your park record, although you will not see any progress in your GOAT levels.

The one advantage, at least rep-wise, is that you can get games quickly without a squad. You can play whenever and rack up the rep needed to reach level 40.