Many badges are most effective when on Hall of Fame, as they should. But some badges work so well on Bronze that you do not need to spend a lot fo your precious points on them.

The following badges are extremely effective for the cost of only 1 badge point, allowing you to focus on the more important badges while still having a well-rounded style of play.

Best Bronze Shooting Badges

Corner Specialist: Although this badge should be maxed out for corner spot-ups, other catch and shoot players would find it most helpful on Bronze. That way, you still get a slight boost when you find yourself in the corner, but can spend more badge points on Catch and Shoot or other badges.

Clutch Shooter: Although this badge is great if you can max it out, there are far more important badges your player needs. But on Bronze, Clutch Shooter will give you that little extra boost that can help you in clutch situations.

Deadeye: In many cases, Blinders is the better badge to mitigate shot contests. Therefore, you may not have too many points for Deadeye. But on Bronze, Deadeye will give you the slight boosts when a defender jumps in your face.

Best Bronze Defensive Badges

Ball Stripper: A great badge if you typically have to deal with rim running opponents. You don’t ever need to max this badge, but while on Bronze, Ball Stripper will help you strip the ball when someone tries to dunk on you every once in a while.

Chase Down Artist: Chase down blocks are overpowered this year, but you don’t need a high Chase Down Artist badge to get them. While on Bronze, when combined with Rim Protector, you will also be able to get the OP chase down blocks that can change games.

Interceptor: Most guards and wings should have this on a higher level, but big men typically need to prioritize other badges. But big men should have Interceptor on Bronze, as it will allow them to stop passes at a good enough rate to affect games.

Rim Protector: Big men should have this maxed, but most guards and wings may not think about this badge. However, for only 1 badge point, you get a badge that will unlock the ability to get blocks on the perimeter and interior.

Best Bronze Playmaking Badges

Bail Out: It’s never really worth having Bail Out on a higher level, but almost every shooter should have it on Bronze. At this level, you will be able to pass out of most shots and get key assists to teammates.

Glue Hands: A key badge ignored by many, Glue Hands on even Bronze can help you get better catch animations before you shoot.

Needle Threader: It is not super effective on Bronze for 5v5 games, but Needle Threader can be an effective low level badge to help you turn the ball over less in 2v2 and 3v3 games.

Unpluckable: While ball handlers should have this badge on a bit higher level, many secondary ball handlers and other players would benefit from Bronze Unpluckable. You will have fewer stupid turnovers, all for the price of 1 playmaking badge point.

Best Bronze Finishing Badges

Lob City Finisher: Although dunks are a bit difficult this year (at least on Next-Gen), this badge on Bronze will unlock the ability to convert the wide majority of your lobs. It is rarely worth it to have this badge on higher levels.

Pro Touch: Timing can be a bit difficult to master on layups, but this badge will give you a boost if you are able to somewhat time your layups. On Bronze, this will give you enough of a boost to convert many more layups.

Unstrippable: Similar to Ball Stripper, this badge isn’t worth a serious investment of badge points, but works well enough on Bronze. For 1 badge point you will be able to limit the amount of times the ball is taken from you on drives to the hoop.