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The Best Defensive Badges for Centers and Big Men

Centers and big men are typically the focal point of a team’s defensive effort, so properly allocating your badges is important for anchoring your team’s defense.

And after using and analyzing the Defensive badges in NBA 2K21, the following are the top 5 Defensive badges for Big Men.

5. Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick isn’t as broken as it was in 2K20, but it’s still an effective badge to guard the paint. It allows you to quickly recover from jumping and allows you to quickly jump again.

We’d recommend it on Hall of Fame for Defensive builds, but it’ll work effectively (just not as well) on Silver for non-defensive builds.

4. Rim Protector

Although most Big Men builds have a higher block rating, swatting shots is difficult without the Rim Protector badge. It gives you the boosts you need to block shots down low.

Bronze Rim Protector is fine for builds with a lower number of defensive badge points, but we’d recommend it on Gold or HOF for Defensive Big Men.

3. Brick Wall

In addition to anchoring your team’s defense, you’ll probably be setting screens for your team’s ball handler. Brick Wall is going to be the badge you’ll need to effectively do so.

In addition to strengthening the effectiveness of your screens, Brick Wall helps drain the energy of defenders, making it tougher for them to recover. We recommend it on the highest level if you plan on setting a bunch of picks in any game mode.

2. Rebound Chaser/Box

Snagging boards is another job of the Big Man on the defensive end, and you’ll need this combination of badges to rebound effectively.

We recommend Rebound Chaser on the highest level for any big man build, and Box on Gold (for defensive builds) or Bronze (for non-defensive builds, you could even get away with it on defensive ones, too).

1: Intimidator

The best interior defense badge in NBA 2K21, Intimidator allows you to alter an opponents shot from simply being in the area. And if you jump, there’s almost no chance the other team gets a bucket.

We’ve found that Intimidator on Silver is enough for all Center builds, though some people swear by it on higher levels. What’s important, however, is that you have this necessary badge to defend the interior.

Best Defensive Badges for Guards

“Defense wins Championships” rings true in NBA 2K21. If your player clamps up your opponent, chances are you’re going to win most games in NBA 2K21.

And to play your best defense in NBA 2K21, you’re going to need the help of the Best Defensive Badges for Guards in the game this year:

  • Clamps: The Best Defensive Badge for Guards. Stops blowbys, kills your opponents’ stamina, and allows you to frustrate your opponents on every possession. A must-have for every player.
  • Intimidator: Make Shooting More Difficult for Your Opponent: Limits the amount of whites your opponent makes, increases your shot contest, and allows you undersized player to play decent interior defense.
  • Interceptor: To Wreak Havoc in the Passing Lanes. Allows you to get some goofy steal animations in passing lanes and make your opponent pay for bad passes.
  • Pick Dodger: Avoiding Murder on Brick Wall Screens. An under powered badge that you still need if you don’t want your player to fall down every time you get screened (which is like five times per possession).
  • Off Ball Pest: Underrated and Underappreciated. Stops the movement of your opponent off-ball and drains their energy. Can literally kill any off-ball movement and force bad passes and turnovers.
  • Defensive Leader: If You’re in the Sharing Mood. Far from necessary, but helpful to your teammates (via stat boosts) and yourself (opposing teams’ percentages) if you have a lot of defensive badges.

There are plenty of other badges that will help your guard play top-notch defense, but the above ones are the ones that we have found most effective – and that you should definitely equip on your player.

How to Shoot Better in NBA 2K21 (Get more Greens)

Shooting consistently in NBA 2K20 is no easy task, yet one of the most valuable skills to win a lot of games. Therefore, it’s important that you’re good at it, and we outline the ways in which you can shoot more greens in 2K.

  1. Pick the Right Build: In 2K21, any build with a sub-80 3-ball probably won’t be able to shoot consistently. 80+ is a must, but the higher you go, the bigger your green and make percentages.
  2. Pick the Right Jumpshot: Here’s the best jumpshots in 2K21 (hint: 98 is the best). The most important part of this is that you pick a jumpshot and stick with it for a period of time.
  3. Practice your Jumpshot: Go to the MyCourt, play MyCareer games, or do anything that will help you time your jumpshot better. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.
  4. Pick the Right Badges: Here’s our list of Best Shooting Badges. Pick the best ones for your build and they’ll help you become a sharpshooter in no time.
  5. Only Shoot Open Shots: Shooting Contested Shots will only lessen the chance you have of making a shot, so learning the contest system and shooting open shots will help you shoot better overall.
  6. Decrease Gameplay Lag: This relates to online play, as offline play is not affected by 2K’s poor servers. Ways to decrease lag are using a LAN cable or having top-notch WIFI (which can be expensive).

These are the best tips we have to help you shoot better in both online and offline play. Let us know some of your favorite ways to green more shots in NBA 2K21.

The Best Layup Packages

Finishing at the rim is one of the most animation-driven features in 2K, meaning you better hope you get the right animation or you’re missing an open layup.

Therefore, you’re going to need the right Layup package for your player. We’ve compiled the best ones in 2K21, all based on the type of player you have.

The Best Layup Package in 2K21: Long Athlete. Allows your player to starts layups outside the key, get nice hop step animations, and finish through contact.

If You Want a Bit of Flash: Jamal Crawford. Some really interesting animations in this package for mixtapes or just showing off. Circus is decent, too, but in a more subdued way.

For Shorter Guards who can’t Dunk: Stephen Curry. Nice lay-in animations that allow you to finish among bigger defenders, but not great at finishing through contact.

For Low-Rated Finishers: Default Small and Default Swing are both decent, but we prefer Default Swing for getting better animations in the paint.

“How did I miss that?”: Lebron James. Just really confusing animations that causes your player to miss open layups too many times.

For Inside Finishers: Dominant Big. Gets you nice animations on standing layups and lets you play like Shaq in the paint.

The Best Dribble Pull-Up Animations

One of the best shots in the game for guards is the Dribble Pull-Up, whether that means shooting a fade or simply shooting off the dribble.

But like Jumpshots, not all Dribble Pull-Up Animations are built the same. After months of testing and reviewing the animations of the best 2K20, here are the The Best Dribble Pull-Up Animations in NBA 2K20:

1: Stephen Curry

Not only is Curry’s Jumpshot in 2K20 super smooth, but his Dribble Pull-Up Animations are as well. And, in addition to being super clean, they’re also extremely easy to learn and use in-game.

No matter your Jumpshot, you’ll find that the Stephen Curry Dribble Pull-Up Animation set has everything you need to fade, hop-step, and shoot off the dribble effectively in every game mode.

2: Athletic 3

Athletic 3, as its name suggests, is a super athletic jumpshot that creates aggressive fading shots, space-creating hop shots, and the ability to shoot over players off the dribble.

And despite its rather aggressive manner, Athletic 3 is pretty easy to learn and utilize effectively in any game mode.

3: Normal 4

Normal 4 is the best of the “Normal” Dribble Pull-Up Animations, as it’s the easiest to learn of the group and seems to perform the best overall.

While it’s not as smooth as Curry and not as Aggressive as Atheltic 3, Normal 4 is a simple Pull-Up Animation set that will get the job done at a high level with a small learning curve.

Shooting Badges Grind Method for Guards

Shooting badge point are quite difficult to unlock in any game mode. And despite this difficulty, it’s necessary to grind them out due to the dependence shooting has on badges.

In this article, we’re going to point out the best MyCareer methods we’ve found to grind your shooting badge points and the best video resources for shooting badge grinding.

Method 1: Shooting Three Pointers

Defenders will almost always sag off your player at the beginning on your career and even at the beginning of most games, so you can take advantage of this by pulling from deep early and often.

You should be able to make most jumpers and will get a significant amount of badge points for the volume of three pointers you should make. This will work until the defenders play up on you, in which you should do the following:

Method 2: Call for a Pick from a Guard

When a defender starts playing up on you, there’s only one way to consistently get him off you so you can shoot a three: call for a pick from another guard.

You do this by hitting the left bumper to call up a set of plays, then hit the right bumper for ‘Positional Playcalling,’ and then hold the button of the guard you wish to set a screen. This will give you the space you need to pop a three.

Method 3: Pick and Mid-Range Fades

If your player shoots more consistently from the mid-range than from three, there’s a way to rack up the shooting MyPoints without popping limitless threes.

All you need to do is call for a screen and then dribble to any open spot on the court and shoot a moving mid-range. These shots give you more points per shot than standstill threes and can be easier to make on some builds.

Method 4: Practice Facility

If your build is simply inconsistent shooting-wise or simply doesn’t yet have the badges to shoot well, you’re going to need to use the practice facility to get badges. We recommend the Free Throw Ace drill.

This drill is easy to master and will get you 3000 Shooting MyPoints per Practice. And while this may not seem like a lot, it’s a great start and will help you get the first few badges that allow you to do the first three methods.

Fancy Footwork vs Acrobat

At first glance, Fancy Footwork and Acrobat seem pretty similar in that both deal with euro, cradle, hop step, spin, and half-spin layups.

Despite this similarity, the difference appears in that each badge boosts these shots during different phases during the layups. The differences are as follows:

Acrobat boosts spin, half-spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse, and change shot layup attempts.

Fancy Footwork boosts the gathers on spin, half-spin, hop step, euro-step, cradle, reverse and chance shot layups.

The subtle difference is that Acrobat will increase your chances of making that set of layups, while Fancy Footwork only triggers the animations on those layups.

Recommendation: Both are great badges for any slasher or guard, but we see Fancy Footwork as the more effective badge. Acrobat, while effective, overlaps with other finishing badges such as Consistent Finisher.

The Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K21

Shooting has been one of the main struggles in NBA 2K21 due to two things: Shooting’s dependency on badges and players’ lack of them due to the game being new.

But as we progress in the game and players get their badges, shooting will eventually improve. And these badges, whether in MyPlayer or MyTeam, will be the best shooting badges for you to shoot lights out:

  1. Hot Zone Hunter: Provides the greatest Shot Make and Green Percentage of any Shooting Badges (when in Hot Zones). Necessary if you have Hot Zones, which are easy to get in MyCareer.
  2. Range Extender: Allows you to shoot deep 3-pointers. Necessary for floor spacing on the tiny 2K21 courts, and allows you to shoot at high percentages from deep when at Gold or HOF.
  3. Catch and Shoot: The best badge for spot-ups that gives a huge boost for catch-and-shoot shots. Gold or HOF is necessary for spot-up shooters.
  4. Deadeye: Reduces contests and allows you to make lightly contested shots. Necessary for players who shoot a decent amount, as you’ll need Deadeye to reduce the impact of closeouts.
  5. Corner Specialist: Another spot-up badge that is necessary for corner-sitting builds that need a sizable boost on corner shots (for example, a built with sub-80 three-ball).

Screen Crusher Badge

The Screen Crusher badge is new for NBA 2K20 and is an earned rep reward once a player reaches All Star Two. The badge allows you to blow up hard screens in the Park, especially those set by players with the Iron Wall badge.

The badge, although unlocked, has no real benefit in Park gameplay. We’ve never seen it pop up in game, though it seems to decrease the frequency of your player getting hit with an Iron Wall screen.

Best Playmaking Badges

Whether it is for dribbling or passing, playmaking badges are an essential part of a ballhandler’s arsenal to effectively dish out assists or create their own shots.

And if you want to effectively do both of these at a high level, you’re going to need the best playmaking badges to help you do so:

The Best Playmaking Badge: Quick First Step. Allows you to get a speedboost by simply clicking the Right Trigger and blow-by your opponent. A must-have for ball handlers.

If You Like Dribbling (and Want to do more than One Move): Handles for Days. Allows you to chain moves without your player going into cardiac arrest after a simple crossover. The higher the level, the better.

To Stop Stupid Steal Animations: Unpluckable. Always underperforms, but still necessary for ball handlers and can sometimes help you out when you get careless dribbling (or your opponent is a steal spammer).

To Help your Teammates Shoot Better: Dimer. Gives a boost to your teammates on catch-and-shoot scenarios. Want your team to shoot better? Throw on Dimer, the higher the level, the higher the boost.

To Get Bailed Out: Bail Out, the aptly-named badge that allows you to pass out of stupid shots or late contests. Works on lower levels, but best on higher levels.

Sticking It to Passing Lane Lurkers: Needle Threader. Allows your passes to bypass passing lane spammers, best for the Rec or other 5v5 modes.

If You Have Too Many Playmaking Badges: Floor General. Gives an attribute boost to all your teammates, helping them shoot better, dunk better, and dribble better. There’s also a goodie for youself, too.

For Dribble Gods: Ankle Breaker and Tight Handles. Eschew all the badges that help your teammates out, am I right? These badges will have you taking ankles and putting you on highlight reels.

While other badges are certainly helpful in different ways, these playmaking badges are simply the best in 2K21.