S Tier – The Best

Sniper: This badge is for when you don’t green your shot, as it gives you a huge boost when you slightly mistime your shot. Necessary for most players, but especially on HOF for those still learning their shot.

Hot Zone Hunter: Another necessity that gives you a huge boosts in the hot zones you’ve developed in MyCareer or the online modes. Should be maxed out on every player.

Blinders: One of the most effective badges to cancel out contests from the side. While it should be on HOF for players that are the main ball handler and shooter, some spotups may not need the badge on a higher level (or at all)

Stop and Pop: Another ball handler/shooter badge that works especially well off the quick stop. However, it has little use outside of that very specific purpose.

A Tier – Great, but Not Always Necessary

Catch and Shoot: The best badge for players who spotup on the perimeter or mostly shoot of the catch. Should be maxed out on these players, as it gives a huge boost in C&S situations.

Deadeye: A badge any player could use, as it negates the contests of players jumping at you. Necessary on higher levels for main shooters, and even spotups and other players could use it on Bronze or Silver.

Green Machine: Another badge mostly for main shooters that gives huge boosts for consecutive greens. Not necessary if you are great with your shot, but is nearly unstoppable if used correctly.

Mismatch Expert: This is for shorter shooters that often have bigs switch on them, like in a Pick and Roll. It helps negate contests from bigger players (3+ inch difference) and is necessary for shorter shooters.

B Tier – Helpful if You Have the Points

Chef: A good badge if you shoot from half court off the dribble, but otherwise rather worthless. We’d really only recommend it for main shooters, but only on lower levels for the occasional deep shot.

Limitless Spotup: Another badge that only works from super deep, but this time for catch and shoot situations. It’s better than Chef, but we can only recommend it if you are typically heaving from deep.

Corner Specialist: A necessity for corner spotups, but otherwise has limited use. Max it out if you sit corner, but otherwise you can completely ignore this badge.

Circus Threes: A super effective badge if you typically do stepbacks or fades from beyond the three point line, but most players would find this badge rather useless.

Clutch Shooter: This is the perfect example of a badge you should equip only if you have extra points. It provides a huge boost in the late part of games, but there are better badges to prioritize.

C Tier – Limited Use

Lucky #7: Provides good boosts if you typically get shots off in the first 7 seconds of the shot clock, but when it can take 5 seconds to just get past half court, this badge has extra limited usage.

Difficult Shots: This badge is crazy if you shoot fading midranges, but considering how the court is already too small to live in the midrange, this badge does not work for most players.

Volume Shooter: A good badge if you have some extra badge points, but most players are not simply putting up enough shots for this badge to activate. Great for MyCareer but limited otherwise.

D Tier – Useless in Most Cases

Fade Ace: If your specialty is post fades, this badge needs to be maxed out. But given the fact that no one really plays the post game in 2K22, this badge is useless for most players.

Rhythm Shooter: We really haven’t seen this pop up in a game, so we can’t really say it does much.

Slippery Off-Ball: The off-ball movements are really not what they were cracked up to be last year, so Slippery Off-Ball does not really help you all that much.

Set Shooter: This badge will help you if you take your time before shooting, but considering that you will not get many of these opportunities, it’s hard to recommend it for anyone.