The Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22

Shooting in NBA 2K22 is highly dependent on badges, as you don’t need the high attributes that you needed last year. In this post we break down the best shooting badges in NBA 2K22:

  1. Sniper: Gives a huge boost for slightly early or late shots, which heavily increases your make percentages. It is not difficult to get, either, which makes it an even more powerful badge for most players.
  2. Hot Zone Hunter: Provides the greatest Shot Make and Green Percentage of any Shooting Badges (when in Hot Zones). Necessary if you have Hot Zones, which are easy to get in MyCareer. Check out the attribute requirements to unlock HZH.
  3. Blinders: Doesn’t allow a defender to contest you from the sides, which is important in that it allows you to make more shots without defenders getting in the way. Opens up a ton of shot possibilities. These are the attribute requirements to unlock Blinders.
  4. Chef/Limitless Spotup: Allows you to shoot deep 3-pointers. If you are an on-ball scorer, you will need Chef. If you are a spot-up shooter, you will need Limitless Spotup. Here are the attribute requirements to unlock Chef and Limitless for your player.
  5. Deadeye: Reduces contests and allows you to make lightly contested shots. Necessary for players who shoot a decent amount, as you’ll need Deadeye to reduce the impact of closeouts. These are the attribute requirements to unlock Deadeye.

How to Use Your Badge Points

10 (or less) Shooting Badge Points: Max out Sniper and Hot Zone Hunter. Put the other points on Blinders if you are the main shooter, or Catch and Shoot if you are a spot up shooter.

15 (or less) Badge Points: Prioritize Sniper, HZH, Blinders if main shooter or Catch and Shoot for spot-ups. The other points should be spent on Deadeye or Corner Specialist.

20 (or less) Badge Points: Prioritize Sniper, HZH, Blinders, and Catch and Shoot. Other points can be spent on Chef/Limitless Spotup, Deadeye, or Corner Specialist.

25 (or more) badge points: Sniper, HZH, Blinders, Chef, and Deadeye for the main shooters on a team, and Sniper, HZH, Blinders, Limitless, Catch and Shoot for spot up shooters.


Add yours

  1. I have 14 total shooting badges on 2k21 how should I apply them for me to shoot lights out, cause I’m having a lil but trouble shooting the ball this, but last year I didn’t miss much.

    • Gold Range Extender, Gold hot zone, silver corner specialist, silver catch and shoot, silver deadeye, silver green machine or difficult shots. (I have 14 as well that’s my layout)

      • Hey bro love your badge layout. I have 20 shooting badges and have basically same ones but I love the way you split them out to help be all around. What would your advice be with 20. Would really appreciate your opinion

  2. I only have 12 shooting badges what should I put on I was thinking gold range gold catch shoot gold gold hot zone and gold corner but idk

    • yea but you only need corner unless your a corner sitting build so if you like the spot up shoot try dead eye or if your a 50 player from three or mid range flexible release no brainer

  3. Is range extender better than green machine

  4. I have 25 shooting badges how should i use them.

    • I have 28 and this is how I broke it down.

      Hof- catch and shoot
      Steady shooter
      Flexible release
      Gold- difficult shots
      Corner specialist
      Range extender
      Slippery of ball which I may change. I left it at silver with one point left incase I want to change it.

      Hope this helps, I rarely miss a 3 contested or not.

    • also if you remove slippery off ball than that leave extra to HOF other things or add a different badge

    • Update: I change difficult shots to HOF and put slippery of ball to silver

    • I have 27 shooting badges i used some by HOF catch and shoot and bronze green machine what should i use the rest on

  5. I am a 3 level scorer SG with 22 badges MAXED OUT my guy hardly greens whats the Best way to set my badges plz…i have 4 hall of fame badges..catch n shoot…range extender….volume shooter…steady shooter..n felixinle release on silver

    • Don’t use Steady Shooter, it makes it harder to shoot in general. Go:
      – HOF: Range Extender, Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Hot Zone Hunter
      – Gold: Deadeye, Green Machine

  6. i have 16 shooting badges how should i apply them

  7. fellas when asking for badge lay outs it would be helpful to know your Build NAME and 3 ball that changes things depending on build. Here is the top badges in order most needed on top

    Range Extender – Must
    Green Machine – Must
    Hot Zone Hunter – Must
    Flexible Release ( depends on patch its broken right now, trash on 2k20)
    Dead Eye – Must
    Volume Shooter
    Catch n Shoot ( mix with corner specialist if 75 ish 3 ball)
    Difficult Shots ( if you fade or shoot off dribble)
    Steady Shooter (only if sharp)
    Tireless Shooter (only if Sharp)
    Corner Specialist

    i know im missing a few but these are the best.

    • My build has 25 shooting badges and a 91 3 ball yet I can never hit shots please help

      • I have a similar build and here’s what I run:

        – HOF: Catch and Shoot, Range Extender, Hot Zone Hunter, Green Machine
        – Gold: Difficult Shots, Deadeye
        – Silver: Hot Start, Tireless Shooter,
        – Bronze: Clutch Shooter

  8. Boys I’m a two way 3pt shot creator with an 80 3 ball and 16 shooting badges. What do y’all recommend?

  9. Hey I’m a playmaking shotcreator and I have 25 badges how should I use them

    • Hof: Catch and shoot, corner specialist, range extender, hot zone hunter
      Gold: deadeye, difficult shots,
      Silver: volume shooter
      Bronze: Tierless shooter

  10. I’m a big with 27 shooting badges with a 70 3pt what badges shoot I use and I’m 7ft1

  11. I’m a sharp with 30 shooting badges and a 95 mid-range and 95 three ball. What should I do to make the best of my 30 badges? 16 earned right now what should I go after?

  12. i have 13 shooting badges and have 28 max, i have trouble timing my jump shot what badges should i equip??

  13. Imma 2 way woth 16 can someone help spread

  14. I’m a shot creator playmaker with 24 badges 6 ft 2 wondering which badges I should put on and a jump shot layout as im struggling in park to hit anything

  15. I have to say these help me a lot green machine is so bad btw

  16. I can have 13 badge upgrades, currently only have 9, but what badges should I put on? (3pt specialist), Thanks.

    • Seems like not a lot for a 3pt guy?
      Can u dribble? If not I think I’d roll with Catch and Shoot GOLD maybe in ur situation. Or FLEXIBLE RELEASE gold and range extender gold maybe. Or go one gold, 3 silvers and add hot zone/dead eye.

  17. King David Eitokpah

    November 10, 2020 — 5:54 pm

    I am a slashing playmaker with 9 shooting upgrades, what should I put on?

    • I am a 2-way sharpshooter w 16 I’m debating dropping my flexible release that’s on HOF and using the upgrade for deadeye that is empty. Thoughts?

  18. i need help im thinking flexible release on gold then dead eye on bronze or the other way around i have 16 shooting someone help plz this is my layout rn but i have four more badges until i max out my shooting badges

    green machine gold

    range extender gold

    hot zone hunter gold

    catch and shot gold

  19. Nobody likes steady shooter. If you match that with deadeye, hot zones, flexible release (and or green machine), range extender, volume shooter, corner specialist, and catch and shoot the extra badges negate the open shot penalty that steady shooter applys and you can now just shoot over people most the time without always having to create as much space. If your a pure sharp then I do hof for most of them and gold for a few and I really enjoy it.

  20. i have 26 shooting badges and i am a playmaking shot

  21. I’m a 6’6” sharpshooter with 22 now. But my max is 30

  22. Sharpshooter-

    I have 22 shooting badges a max of 30

  23. I have a play shot with an 89 3pt with 27 badges

  24. I have 25 total shooting what should I put on?

  25. 2 way slashing playmaker with 10 shooting upgrades, what do y’all think?

  26. I have a 3pt specialist his 3 ball is at an 80 overall I have 26 shooting badges and still have problems with him shooting what badges should I use

  27. i have a stretch playmaker with 16 hof badges… what badges shouldni use?

  28. Hey, My build is a Perimeter Defender 6’7 PF he get 18 shooting badges with a 75 3PT rating and a 78 Mid range rating

  29. I gotta sharp facilitator with a 30 shooting badges
    Catch and shoot
    Difficult shots
    Hotzone hunter
    Range extender

    Volume shooter

    I have 8 more badge upgrades. What badges can I use that I’m missing out on to make me a lights out shooter??

  30. Hi there, my build is a 3 level scorer im 6’8 my 3point shooting is 73 & i have 14 shooting badges

  31. i’m a 6’5 SG. Scoring Machine build. I have 27 potential upgrades on shooting badges. i have an 88 mid range shot and an 86 three point shot. someone please help me, which badges i should get and how high should they be?

  32. I’m a Glass cleaner 3 ball at 73 right now due to my ovr at 98 I have 19 shooting badges what recommendations you all have for my shooting badge layout

    • Catch and Shoot, Range Extender, and Corner Specialist on HOF for sure, Hot Zone Hunter if you have good Hot Zones. Still, that 3pt rating is a bit low, so don’t expect to be a knockdown shooter.

  33. Hey I’m a point guard and I have 18 shooting badges my timing and shot selection isn’t amazing what should I do

    • Learn how the shot contest system works to improve your shot selection, timing-wise just go to the MyCourt and practice a lot.

  34. I’m a SG Scoring machine with 16 scoring badges what should I do any suggestions?

  35. i have 17 shooting badges how should i use them

  36. Im a playmaking shot creator and I dont know how to spend my 20 shooting and playmaking badges… can anybody help

  37. I’m a 6’5 3-Level Scorer SG with a 80 3pt and 88 mid with 19 shooting badges how do I arrange that?

  38. I have a 6’5 3-level score with a 88 mid range and 80 three-point with 19 shooting badges how do I arrange it

  39. I have a point guard slasher with a 80 three point and have 16 shooting badges how should I use them and become a good shooter for threes and mid range ?

  40. I have all the ones you have listed hof. I am curious to see what badges you would recommend for a SG with 28 shooting badges and a sharp takeover.

  41. I have 20 shooting badges, here’s how I split em…

    Catch & shoot (gold)
    Corner specialist (gold)
    Deadeye (gold)
    Volume shooter (gold)
    Range extender (HOF)
    Hot zone hunter (HOF)

  42. So all of these are shooting builds. I have a Slasher I’m 95 overall but at a 75 3 ball. I’m on fire some games and garbage other games im guessing it’s because I have 16 badges only golds no HOF and opponents run HOF intimidator, clamps etc.
    I run catch and shoot,
    corner specialist,
    Hot zone hunter,
    range extender on gold
    flexible release on bronze.
    Let’s say people don’t pass the ball unless I get a clear cut to the basket or fastbreaks. Any suggestions? Lol

    • I have a SF slasher with 82 3pt due to 99 ovr. Hit consistent 3s around 35% with
      corner specialist: silver
      Range extender: silver
      Catch and shoot: silver
      Flexible release: gold

  43. I have 19 available shooting badges which ones should i get and what tier

  44. So here’s a challenge, I have an all defensive guy so I only get one badge, where would you use it?

  45. 17 total shooting badges 2 way sharpshooter what should i use

  46. 17 shooting badges SG 2 way sharpshooter

  47. 17 badges 2 way sharpshooter what should i use

  48. my playshot have 21 shooting badges what should i put them on

  49. I am a scoring machine with 21 shooting badges. How should I set it up to green constantly?. And what’s a good jumpshot for consistent greens?. Does it change from recc to park to pro am to my career. Because my current jumpshot (kobe). Greens in pro am, my career and park (half the time) but have troubles in recc… seems like it’s faster.. any help?. How do you feel about volume shooter.?

  50. I’m on next gen I’m not seeing a range extender would this be deep three’s?

  51. I have 20 shooting badges for a sharpshooter what are the best ones that I can use

  52. I’m a facilitating finisher SF with 12 shooting badges. My mid range is a 73 and my 3 point is a 64 what should I use??

  53. Chance Brownell

    May 24, 2021 — 12:03 pm

    I have 25 shooting badges for a sharpshooter what are the best ones that I can use

  54. i have 18 badges max already and im a 3 level scorer with 80 rating threes, what should i use? thanks for the answer

  55. Calo’b Campbell

    June 22, 2021 — 8:16 pm

    I have 26 shooting badges and I’m a 6’11 stretch four

  56. i have 22 shooting badges playmaking shot creator 6’2 and 91 three how should i use my badges

  57. Hi, I’m a SG. I have 27 shooting badge. I dont use 3pt shoot. Using Mid Range and Post Fade. So what should I do?

  58. Im a Playmaking Shot Creator, 6’2 165lbs and 25 Shooting Badges and I have a 91 Three Pointer, what should I use on my badges?

  59. I’m a playmaking shot creator and I have 30 shooting badges , which ones should I use

  60. So i decided to go pure sharp pie chart and I think I should run gold chef and hof limitless opt up

  61. Jonathan Schroeder

    May 10, 2022 — 8:56 pm

    I have a point guard who is 93 with a 99 three point shot and I have 20 shooting 10 hof badges and gold just for shooting picked the best ones I could find the shooting ability is whack I barley make three points in a game 10 if I’m lucky what am I doing wrong what badges do I need

  62. i have a scoring machine with a 91 3pt curently have 13 badge points avaiable max of 35 badge points what should o use i like to spot up three and sore of the pick and roll

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