Best Playmaking Badges

Whether it is for dribbling or passing, playmaking badges are an essential part of a ballhandler’s arsenal to effectively dish out assists or create their own shots.

And if you want to effectively do both of these at a high level, you’re going to need the best playmaking badges to help you do so:

  1. Quick First Step: Needs to be maxed out for you to get natural speed boosts from a stopped position. Allows you to blow-by defenders and break down defenders out of dribble moves.
  2. Handles for Days: You’ll need this badge maxed out if you want to do more than one dribble move without your playing being out of energy. Allows you to chain many moves together to break down defenders.
  3. Unpluckable: An underperforming but necessary badge for ball handlers. Works best on either Gold or Hall of Fame, but will work decently enough on Bronze. Centers need this badge as well, even if they don’t dribble.
  4. Dimer: A great badge for primary ball handlers to give their teammates a boost on catch-and-shoot shots. Not necessary, but your teammates’ will make more shots, allowing you to get a higher win percentage as well.
  5. Bail Out: A badge you only need on Bronze to be effective, this badge allows you to pass out of questionable shots. Is necessary for the large majority of players, as you’ll need it at some point for sure.

On Next-Gen, we’d put Bullet Passer in the number #3 spot and knock Dimer out of the top 5. This badge speeds up your pass, leaving less time for the defense to contest shots and more time for your team to put the ball in the hoop.


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  1. No unpluckable sucks it doesn’t even work

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