Best Playmaking Badges

Whether it is for dribbling or passing, playmaking badges are an essential part of a ballhandler’s arsenal to effectively dish out assists or create their own shots. This post breaks down the best badges to do all these things at a high level on both Current Gen and Next-Gen.

  1. Quick First Step: Needs to be maxed out for you to get natural speed boosts from a stopped position. Allows you to blow-by defenders and break down defenders out of dribble moves.
  2. Handles for Days: You’ll need this badge maxed out if you want to do more than one dribble move without your playing being out of energy. Allows you to chain many moves together to break down defenders.
  3. Quick Chain: The badge that lets you dribble quickly and more effectively and is a necessity for isolation dribblers. Pair it with Hyperdrive, another good badge, for the quickest chain of dribble moves.
  4. Bullet Passer: Lets you pass quicker. Bullet Passer is necessary to keep the opposition from stealing the ball in pass lanes and also to set your teammates up for open shots.
  5. Bail Out: A badge you only need on Bronze to be effective, this badge allows you to pass out of questionable shots. Is necessary for the large majority of players, as you’ll need it at some point for sure.

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