The Top 5 Slashing Badges in NBA 2K21

With shooting requiring more grinding and skill this year, finishing has become an integral part of the game for the first time in a few years.

And here are the top badges for becoming a top-notch finisher in NBA 2K21 Current Gen:

  1. Contact Finisher: Helps you finish through contact on layups and dunks. Necessary for any player that wants to score in the paint, and should be maxed for most players.
  2. Slithery Finisher: Helps you get past your defender on regular layups. Overpowered on higher levels, as you unlock animations that help you scoot past defenders. Good on all levels, best on higher levels.
  3. Fancy Footwork: Boosts your euro steps, spin layups, and hop step layups. Equipping this badge unlocks animations on these special layups that help you get by your defender for the easy bucket at the rim.
  4. Consistent Finisher/Pro Touch: Both badges give you boosts for layups. Equip Consistent Finisher (for button finishers) or Pro Touch (for stick finishers) on all your players. Good on all levels.
  5. Relentless Finisher: Helps you conserve your energy on contact finishes, allowing you to have more energy for later in games.

And for Next Gen:

  1. Fearless Finisher: Fearless Finisher allows you to finish through contact and still finish. Necessary for slashers and helpful for all builds.
  2. Rise Up: Increases the chances of dunking in the paint. Necessary for slashing builds and helpful for other builds as well.
  3. Slithery Finisher: Another top-notch badge that allows you to finish around your defender. Necessary for all builds besides those that only get one to two finishing badge points.
  4. Posterizer: Top-notch badge for builds that can dunks. Activates multitudes of contact dunks and overall helps you become a highly effective slasher.
  5. Heat Seeker: Boosts your Takeover on inside shots. The best finishing badge and necessary for most players to activate their Takeover quicker so they can dominate the court.

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  1. I keep trying to contact dunk but keep doing layups i have 90 dunk
    i have all the contact animations and a lot of dunks bought i dont know if its the order i have equipped the dunks on myanimations

    • Hold the right stick down and hold turbo when going to the basket, should give you a higher chance of dunking it. Let me know how that goes.

  2. holding the right stick works but its better to hold square especially if you have more room than usally.

  3. I have a 80 three point shot but and 19/26 badges and I can’t seem to make anything

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