The Top 5 Slashing Badges in NBA 2K22

With shooting requiring more grinding and skill this year, finishing has become an integral part of the game for the first time in a few years.

And here are the top badges for becoming a top-notch finisher in NBA 2K22:

  1. Fearless Finisher: Fearless Finisher allows you to finish through contact and still finish. Necessary for slashers and helpful for all builds.
  2. Limitless Takeoff: Allows your player to get some ridiculous dunking animations, including the Jordan dunk. While only necessary for dunking builds, it is truly overpowered when used correctly.
  3. Slithery Finisher: Another top-notch badge that allows you to finish around your defender. Necessary for all builds besides those that only get one to two finishing badge points.
  4. Posterizer: Top-notch badge for builds that can dunks. Activates multitudes of contact dunks and overall helps you become a highly effective slasher.
  5. Mouse in the House/Giant Slayer: Mouse in the House is necessary for big men, while Giant Slayer is a necessity for guards. Both help you score in the paint during a mismatch.

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  1. I keep trying to contact dunk but keep doing layups i have 90 dunk
    i have all the contact animations and a lot of dunks bought i dont know if its the order i have equipped the dunks on myanimations

  2. holding the right stick works but its better to hold square especially if you have more room than usally.

  3. I have a 80 three point shot but and 19/26 badges and I canโ€™t seem to make anything

    • 85 or higher will boost your shot percentage

    • 80 should be plenty so long as you take good shots. My PF has an 80 3pt and I shoot just over 70% in my career, and I chuck a lot of them, and I’m shooting high 50% in both park and rec. Sniper and Hot Zone hunter as high as you can get them. If you dribble for your 3’s then Stop and Pop is a great badge too

    • Cause u a brick

  4. Make sure your feet are square let go of everything b4 u shoot then pop it greens all day 64 3pt ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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