The Best Layup Packages

Finishing at the rim is one of the most animation-driven features in 2K, meaning you better hope you get the right animation or you’re missing an open layup.

Therefore, you’re going to need the right Layup package for your player. We’ve compiled the best ones in 2K24, all based on the type of player you have.


De’Aaron Fox: This package is pretty straightforward, but it is the best for attacking the rim. If you’re looking to beeline it to the hoop and get a layup, this package is best for you.

  • Requirements: 84+ Driving Layup

Default Swing: If you can’t get the Fox layup package, the Default swing package is effective enough to get the job done. It’s nothing fancy, but it works.

Swing Players

Michael Jordan: This package allows you to start layups further out from the paint. It can be a bit flashy at times, but has plenty of simple animations that help you make layups.

  • Requirements: Driving Layup 83+

Ben Simmons: An underrated package for years, Simmons’ layup package is very similar to the old Long Athlete. It has some goofy animations, which made people avoid it, but those are easy to avoid.

  • Requirements: Driving Layup 78+

For Big Men

Giannis Antetokounmpo: The closest package to Long Athlete of yesteryear, this layup package will allow you to start layup further from the basket and finish easily over defenders.

  • Requirements: Driving Layup 88+

Nikola Jokic: This gives you some slower animations that can be impossible to guard if used correctly. If you learn this package correctly, you can and will dominate in the paint.

  • Requirements: Driving Layup 78+


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  1. mot a big fan of longathlete

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