The Best Layup Packages

Finishing at the rim is one of the most animation-driven features in 2K, meaning you better hope you get the right animation or you’re missing an open layup.

Therefore, you’re going to need the right Layup package for your player. We’ve compiled the best ones in 2K23, all based on the type of player you have.

Long Athlete: Allows your player to starts layups outside the key, get nice hop step animations, and finish through contact. You’ll need an 88 layup to equip it, but it is well worth it.

Default Swing: The best for lower-rated finishers who can’t unlock the above three layup packages. Default Swing is also surprisingly good for all players, as the animations are really good this year.

Stephen Curry: Nice, usually unblockable lay-in animations that allow you to finish among bigger defenders, but not great at finishing through contact.

Dominant Big: The best layup package for big men that gives you decent standing layup animations and allows you to play like Shaq in the paint.

Layup Package Database

Layup PackageHeight RestrictionsMinimum Layup
Default SmallUnder 6'10"N/A
Default SwingUnder 6'10"N/A
Default Big6'10+N/A
CircusUnder 6'10"80
Dominant Big6'10+70
Floater SpecialistUnder 6'10"70
FundamentalUnder 6'10"N/A
JellyUnder 6'10"80
Long AthleteN/A88
Devin BookerUnder 6'10"82
J. ColeUnder 6'5"70
Stephen CurryUnder 6'5"85
Joel Embiid6'10+70
George GervinN/A70
James HardenUnder 6'10"80
Kyrie IrvingUnder 6'5"85
Allen IversonUnder 6'5"85
Lebron JamesUnder 6'10"80
Magic JohnsonUnder 6'10"80
Nikola Jokic6'10+7
Michael JordanUnder 6'10"85
Zach LavineUnder 6'10"80
Damian LillardUnder 6'10"80
Ja MorantUnder 6'10"82
Ben SimmonsN/A60
John WallUnder 6'10"80
Russell WestbrookUnder 6'10"82
Jason WilliamsUnder 6'10"82

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  1. mot a big fan of longathlete

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