Center is one of the most important positions in basketball, and the same is true in NBA 2K21. Besides the obvious paint protection, centers play an integral part in the offense both inside and outside the 3-Point line. Here are the best center cards in NBA 2K21 MyTeam right now:

  1. Dark Matter Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Dark Matter Wilt Chamberlain
  3. Opal David Robinson
  4. Dark Matter Shaquille O’Neal
  5. Dark Matter Chris Bosh
  6. Pink Diamond Bol Bol
  7. Dark Matter Ralph Sampson
  8. Pink Diamond Dirk Nowitzki
  9. Pink Diamond Nikola Jokic
  10. Dark Matter Mel Daniels

Best Budget Centers

  1. Diamond Eddy Curry
  2. Amethyst Matt Bonner
  3. Amethyst Precious Achiuwa
  4. Amethyst Marvin Bagley
  5. Amethyst Dino Radja