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How to Make XP Quickly in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Rising up the XP Ladder in NBA 2K22 MyTeam is a long and difficult grind, but can easily be optimized with the right strategized. Here are the best strategies we’ve learned to earn XP in the most time-efficient manner.

  • Knock out multiple challenges in one game. You can do the challenges for multiple players in one game, which cuts down the amount of games and time you have to play.
  • Write down challenges on a piece of paper. Write down the challenges and cross them out throughout the game. This is the best way to keep track of what you need to do and streamlines the process.
  • Play Rookie Domination (or other easy game modes). Rookie Dom is super easy for knocking out challenges, and there’s typically a Spotlight challenge that makes certain XP challenges easier to complete.
  • Focus on manageable challenges: Skipping frustrating challenges (like steals) and focusing on doable challenges will both save you headaches and time while still allowing you to reach your goal level.
  • Do more challenges towards the end of the season. The challenges towards the end of the season give you higher XP per minute. Complete the easier challenges at the beginning of the season and knock a bunch of better ones out towards the end.
  • Make doing XP Challenges fun. Find a method that makes the grind fun and enjoyable. There’s no point in playing the game if you’re not having fun, so try to make the process as enjoyable as possible and

MyTeam Season 7 Levels & Rewards

  • Level 1 (0 XP): Free Agent Kobe Bryant
  • Level 2 (350 XP): Glass Cleaner Badge Pack
  • Level 3 (430 XP): 1 Token
  • Level 4 (520 XP): Free Agent Player Award Pack
  • Level 5 (620 XP): Ascension Board 1
  • Level 6 (740 XP): Base League Award Pack
  • Level 7 (890 XP): Gold Darvin Ham
  • Level 8 (1075 XP): 3 Tokens
  • Level 9 (1300 XP): Lockdown Defender Badge Pack
  • Level 10 (1550 XP): Season One Ball
  • Level 11 (1850 XP): Ascension Board 2
  • Level 12 (2230 XP): Post Scorer Badge Pack
  • Level 13 (2680 XP): Emerald Larry Nance Jr
  • Level 14 (3200 XP): Gold Shoe Pack
  • Level 15 (3850 XP): Rim Protector Badge Pack
  • Level 16 (4620 XP): 5 Tokens
  • Level 17 (5540 XP): Standard League Award Pack
  • Level 18 (6500 XP): Shot Creator Badge Pack
  • Level 19 (7860 XP): Ascension Board 3
  • Level 20 (9190 XP): Sapphire Damon Jones
  • Level 21 (10560 XP): Slasher Badge Pack
  • Level 22 (12150 XP): Ascension Board 4
  • Level 23 (13970 XP): Standard League Award Pack
  • Level 24 (16060 XP): Ruby Brian Winters
  • Level 25 (18470 XP): 10 Tokens
  • Level 26 (21250 XP): Ascension Board 5
  • Level 27 (24430 XP): Sharpshooter Badge Pack
  • Level 28 (28100 XP): Amethyst Vin Baker
  • Level 29 (32300 XP): Standard League Award Pack
  • Level 30 (36740 XP): Ascension Board 6
  • Level 31 (41600 XP): Deluxe League Award Pack
  • Level 32 (47140 XP): Diamond Shoe Pack
  • Level 33 (55640 XP): Diamond Kelly Tripucka
  • Level 34 (65000 XP): 30 Tokens
  • Level 35 (75000 XP): Diamond Consumables Pack
  • Level 36 (86000 XP): Ascension Board 7
  • Level 37 (99000 XP): Diamond Contract Pack
  • Level 38 (114000 XP): Diamond Shoe Boost Pack
  • Level 39 (131000 XP): Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack
  • Level 40 (150000 XP): Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony

How long is the grind? For Level 40, you’re talking about four hours-plus per day of focus on completing agendas, mostly in boring game modes. That’s up to 200+ hours of playing the game for one card.

Is the grind worth it? It’s not worth spending half your life on. We have reached level 40 and enjoyed both the rewards and the grind, but stressing yourself over it is simply not worth it.

Where should I aim for? If you have a lot of time to grind the game, level 40 should be your aim. More casual players should aim for the last Ascension board (lvl 36) at most. Super casual players should just play the game to have fun and forget the XP grind.

The Best Small Forwards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Small Forwards play a pivotal role in every game on both ends of the floor, making it necessary to have a good one on your squad. Here are the top 5 SFs in NBA 2K22 MyTeam right now:

  1. Pink Diamond Kevin Durant: The typical early Durant card that is awesome at everything. Great player model, badges, attributes, and more. Very pricey but worth the price.
  2. Pink Diamond Tracy Mcgrady: An offensive monster with an amazing jumpshot. He even has the stats to be a good defender as well, though you will need to add badges to him.
  3. Pink Diamond Paul George: George is a top-notch 3-and-D option that also has great finishing and playmaking badges. Probably the best all-around option, but the cards above him are just a bit better.
  4. Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony: Underwhelming for the grind. One of the best shooters in the game and has some great attributes, but requires too many expensive badges in the defensive category.
  5. Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum: A terrible jumpshot is the only thing holding him back, as he has a ton of great shooting, defensive, and finishing badges. He even has some of the best playmaking badges, but it’s tough to hide that jumper.

Best Budget Small Forwards:

  1. Ruby Saddiq Bey: Mid stats across the board, but has the attributes and badges you need for a cheap, effective card. His jumper is pretty good, as well.
  2. Amethyst John Havlicek: A good all-around card that should be pretty cheap. Undersized for sure, but is enough of a good card to hold his own in many ways.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:

How to Win Every Game of Domination in NBA 2K21

Domination can be a pain to play sometimes in NBA 2K21 MyTeam, as there can be little consistency to both your play and that of the computer fairly frequently.

But after completing Domination in 2K21 MyTeam, we have compiled the best and easiest tips to get the necessary wins for each level:

  • The most important thing: Have a Point Guard with at least Gold Quick First Step. We like Diamond John Stockton (for his dunking as well), but a budget option is Doc Rivers.
  • The Method: Rim-Running with your PG off of a 5-out. Switch your freelance to Hawks 2018, call for a “Pass and Screen Away,” and run to the basket for an easy bucket the majority of the time.
  • If that doesn’t work?: If the opposing PG has Clamps, calling for a screen will freeze the defender(s) and allow you to get to the hoop easily. Call the screen around half-court for best results.
  • The Rest of your Team: A 3-and D wing, a Slashing Wing (for Fastbreaks), a decent Defensive PF, and a taller Center with Intimidator is the best lineup for playing Domination with the aforementioned PG archetype.
  • The defensive strategy: Have a good center with Intimidator, set your Settings to Smother On-Ball and Tight Off-Ball, and try to stop the opposing team getting in the paint (most teams spam rin-runs)
  • How to Get the Necessary MT: You’ll need at least 10 free throws and 5 3-pointers to get the 775 or 900 MT for Historic and All-Time. Rim-running and Driving-and-kicking should get you both naturally throughout the game.
  • Other Tips: Using money plays (there aren’t any good ones at the moment), switching defensive matchups to stop the opposing teams’ key players, and taking advantage of all fastbreaks are a few more extremely helpful tips for completing Domination.

Best Shooting Guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Shooting Guards are often disrespected in MyTeam, given less focus despite their massive impact on each game. Here is our list of the best shooting guards in NBA 2K22:

  1. Diamond Klay Thompson: The same elite shooter and defender that we are used to, now with elite playmaking ability. Thompson can be used as a spot-up or featured ball handler, but he’s going to cost an arm and leg.
  2. Diamond James Harden: An upgrade of the glitched card that has every badge you need in every category, even defense.
  3. Diamond Kobe Bryant: Our first Kobe card of 2K22 that simply dominates every shooting guard at this stage. Good shooting, defending, slashing, and even has Silver Quick First Step. Expensive, but simply the best.
  4. Diamond Jaylen Brown: A great 3-and-D card that is also a top-notch slasher. He has a good, albeit a bit slow, jumpshot, but Brown is a great option for the two spot.
  5. Pink Diamond Rip Hamilton: An expensive lock-in, and will need some expensive badges, but his stats and jumpshot make him one of the best pure shooters in the game.

The Best Budget Shooting Guards

  1. Ruby Lu Dort: A defensive beast that is also a good spot-up shooter. Fairly cheap, but also completely worth the sub-10K price tag.
  2. Ruby Gary Harris: A good shooter and a decent defender. Best of all, he’s cheap and has a jumpshot that is easy to time.
  3. Ruby Terrence Ross: Pushing the budget spectrum, but still a good card for the price. A good slasher and shooter that is sneaky good at creating his own shot as well.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:

Best Point Guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

MyTeam has certainly been interesting this year, with a focus on shorter Point Guards and a slow power creep. Given this, here are the best point guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam:

  1. Pink Diamond Stephen Curry: An offensive monster that can shoot from anywhere with 6+ HOF and 10+ Gold Shooting badges. Only has Bronze Clamps and Quick First Step, but his shooting makes up for it.
  2. Pink Diamond John Wall: A glitched Wall card that can shoot, in addition to his usual dominant playmaking and finishing ability. He’s even a decent defender as well, making him an awesome PG option.
  3. Diamond Trae Young: A glitched card that gives you Young’s quick jumper, great playmaking and shooting badges, and now elite perimeter defense. Although small, Young is excellent on both ends of the court.
  4. Pink Diamond Gary Payton: HOF Clamps and a slew of other defensive badges makes Payton the best defensive PG in the game. Great playmaker and decent shooter and finisher, but takes a while to grind through Unlimited.
  5. Diamond Penny Hardaway: The tallest point guard in the game right now and perfect for posting up smaller PGs. Otherwise he’s pretty mid, but his height is a big enough advantage.

The Best Budget Point Guards

  1. Amethyst Jrue Holiday: No Quick First Step, but still a good shooter, playmaker, and defender. He’s affordable and can help lock down the best PG’s, and his jumpshot is pretty good as well.
  2. Amethyst Fred Van Vleet: On the higher end of the budget spectrum (>10K), but a great value for the price nonetheless. Great shooter, playmaker, and defender, and has an awesome jumpshot as well.
  3. Emerald Darren Collison: A cheap token reward that is a good shooter and playmaker. Lackluster defender and finisher, but for 3 tokens, you cannot beat the value.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:

The Best Power Forwards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Power Forward is a stretch spot that needs to be able to shoot and defend both the perimeter and interior. The following five players are the best at doing these jobs right now in NBA 2K22 MyTeam:

  1. Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett: The Level 40 reward that can do everything at a high level. Top-notch defender and interior scorer, but also has the stats to be a dominant shooter.
  2. Pink Diamond Giannis Antetokounmpo: Our first real Giannis card. Has every defensive badge, great finishing and playmaking badges, and even decent enough shooting badges to be effective in that regard.
  3. Pink Diamond Dolph Schayes: An all-around monster. Great shooter, finisher, and defender, and his jumpshot is the quickest in the game at this point. Very expensive, but certainly worth it in many ways.
  4. Pink Diamond Anthony Davis: The first power forward with dominant defensive ability plus the ability to shoot from outside. This plus a great player build and good finishing ability equals the best Power Forward.
  5. Diamond Andrei Kirilenko: A great defender with HOF Clamps and amazing attributes. Can shoot as a spot-up, but is largely limited to the corners or right on the line.

Best Budget Powers Forwards

  1. Sapphire Jonathan Isaac: An insane value at the Sapphire level, as he can shoot and defend at a high level. Will be able to hold his own against many Diamond and even some PD cards.
  2. Ruby Robert Covington: A great value when evo’d, as Covington becomes a top-tier 3&D card.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:

The Best Centers in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Center is one of the most important positions in basketball, and the same is true in NBA 2K22. Besides the obvious paint protection, centers play an integral part in the offense both inside and outside the 3-Point line. Here are the best center cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam right now:

  1. Pink Diamond David Robinson: A center that can do it all. Although he doesn’t have the great jumpshot like Embiid, Robinson is an elite defender on the interior and perimeter.
  2. Pink Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon: Expensive, but a true all-around big. His jumpshot is a bit slow, but Hakeem has the post game, perimeter shooting, three level defense, and even some playmaking.
  3. Pink Diamond Joel Embiid: The best shooting center in the game. Great in the post, on the perimeter, and protecting the paint. Is going to be expensive, but he is by far the best big in the game right now.
  4. Diamond Nikola Jokic: Just like Jokic in real life, this Jokic is a good playmaker, shooter, and post scorer. Decent defense, but the bonuses (Dimer, Floor General) he provides for the other player on your team is so unique.
  5. Pink Diamond Kareem Abdul Jabbar: A dominant post scorer and interior defender. While he can’t shoot, he’s big enough to set tough screens and dominate the paint on both sides of the ball.

Best Budget Centers

  1. Ruby Seung-Jin Ha: A stretch big that can handle his own on defense. Has a nice jumpshot and even Limitless Spot-up, but is going to be a bit slow and struggle at perimeter defense.
  2. Amethyst Dino Radja: Not as good as past years’ Dino’s, but he’s still a good defender and finisher with some playmaking badges to boot.
  3. Ruby Seung-Jin Ha: At 7’3″, he’s pretty much just a big body center to defend the paint. Struggles at pretty much that and a bit of interior finishing, but he’s super cheap.

The Best Cards at Other Positions:

How to Win Every Triple Threat Online Game in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Triple Threat is an extremely competitive game mode with nice prizes, making it one of the best game modes to make MT, Tokens, or other things. Here’s my formula for winning most TTO games:

  • Run a lineup of players you’re good with. You also want one player you dominate with, either as a shooter or finisher. The other two players should be able to shoot in most cases.
  • Use your dominant player to try to score. Call a Quick Isolation from the menu, do your thing with your favorite player, and it that fails, you can kick it to a teammate for a 3 or easy drive.
  • Play both on-ball and off-ball defense. Sometimes on-ball is better, sometimes off-ball is. Figure out the perfect mix and shut down the other team.

These may seem like easy tips, but this year there is no foolproof way to win. This formula provides the method I used to win 80% of my TTO games without using any exploits or “tryhard” methods.

How to Make Tokens Quickly in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Tokens are a valuable asset in NBA 2K22, with a whole market devoted to spending them to get top-tier players. In this post we detail how to make tokens in the quickest and most efficient way.

  1. Triple Threat Online: Tokens are on a lot of boards after games, and you can easily racks up a ton of tokens from playing quick 3v3 games. Winning games is your best bet to maximizing your token earnings.
  2. Domination: Domination, especially All-Time and Historic, earns you a lot of tokens. You earn over 600 for playing 100 games, a value only matched by TTO games (TTO doesn’t give you player, badge, and other rewards, though).
  3. Challenges: A lot of the Spotlight challenges and weekly challenges give you tokens for winning them, but the amount is so miniscule we don’t recommend this method for token-earning only.
  4. Completing Card Sets: Completing Current NBA Team sets nets you 10 tokens. This method is MT-expensive, so going about it requires a trade of MT for tokens. It’s not worth it in most cases.