Power Forward is a stretch spot that needs to be able to shoot and defend both the perimeter and interior. The following five players are the best at doing these jobs right now in NBA 2K22 MyTeam:

  1. Pink Diamond Anthony Davis: The first power forward with dominant defensive ability plus the ability to shoot from outside. This plus a great player build and good finishing ability equals the best Power Forward.
  2. Pink Diamond Chris Webber: A good all-around PF. Great at nothing, but has some good key badges that allow him to shoot, defend, and play in the post.
  3. Pink Diamond Zion Williamson: A dominant finisher that can handle the ball a bit in the fastbreak, and also defend a bit. Subpar shooter but can certainly hit from the corners.
  4. Amethyst Josh Smith: A great all-around defender and finisher. Decent shooting ratings, but you will need to add any shooting badges (he comes with none). Definitely plays above his card level.
  5. Diamond Paul Silas: A versatile forward that is the best 1-through-5 defender in the game. Needs a ton of shooting badges to be able to shoot consistently, but is otherwise a ridiculously good card you get from TTO.

Best Budget Powers Forwards

  1. Ruby Jeff Green: A collector reward that is a well-balanced card. Excellent at nothing, but decent at everything. Great value, especially at this price.
  2. Evo Sapphire Chris Boucher: A domination reward for 15 Stars in the Atlantic Eastern division, Boucher is another 3-and-D big with a decent jumper. Once evo’d, he’s a great option for all game modes.
  3. Ruby Pascal Siakam: Teetering on the limit of the ‘budget’ definition, Siakam is another all-around option that excels at nothing but can do everything.
  4. Evo Derrick Jones: Another Evolution card you get from winning 15 TT Offline games. Athletic with decent shooting and defense, but for free it is tough to top Jones’ value.

The Best Cards at Other Positions: