The Best Small Forwards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Small Forwards play a pivotal role in every game on both ends of the floor, making it necessary to have a good one on your squad. Here are the top 5 SFs in NBA 2K22 MyTeam right now:

  1. Dark Matter Kevin Durant: The typical dominant Durant card HOF badges in every important category, great animations, and an expensive price tag. He’s certainly worth it, however.
  2. Dark Matter Lebron James: Lebron’s first 99 overall card is a menace who will dominate the paint and defend at a high level. He’s not as good of a shooter or dribbler as Durant, but still amazing.
  3. Dark Matter Zion Williamson: Although he’s a bit short for the position, Zion comes with an amazing jumpshot, tons of badges, and other great animations.
  4. Dark Matter Kawhi Leonard: Kawhi is one of the best players in the entire game, with dominant defense, shooting, dribbling, and slashing. He’s expensive but seriously the most dominant SF in the game.
  5. Dark Matter Carmelo Anthony: Melo still has the stupid corner step-in on Current Gen, but his very quick jumper, plethora of badges, and top tier dribbling moves make his a great Next Gen 3.

Best Budget Small Forwards:

Sub-25K MT: Pink Diamond Lamar Odom. A swiss army knife card that can dunk, shoot, defend, and even dribble at the SF spot. Odom is 6’10” as well, so he is also usable against the Lebron and Giannis cards.

Sub-10K MT: Diamond Darius Miles. Miles can drive and dunk with the best cards, and he’s a good overall defender as well. He’s probably limited to spot-up duty on the shooting end, however.

Sub-2K MT: Amethyst Jeff Green. A super versatile player for a great price. Green can shoot, dunk, defend wings. He will need a few shooting badges if you want to use him as anything other than a corner spot-up.

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  1. Is pink diamond Kevin Durant or Galaxy opal Carmelo Anthony
    worth buying?

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