Token Rewards are typically the best cards at the beginning of the MyTeam year, and in this post we are going to break down the best Token Reward cards in each gem tier:


  1. Darren Collison: A cheap point guard with Chef (for deep shots), Quick First Step, and decent enough defense to hold down the 1 spot.
  2. Jon Barry: A spot-up SG that can hit open shots for you.
  3. Roger Mason: Another SG that can hit open shots, but Mason will have a bit quicker jumpshot. Weak defensively.


  1. Patty Mills: A base 98 demon who can carry an offense when used correctly.
  2. Kent Bazemore: A versatile wing.
  3. Seth Curry: A smaller guard who is a knockdown shooter.


  1. Cole Anthony: An offensive beast. A subpar player model and slow jumpshot, but a good playmaker and has some good shooting and finishign badges.
  2. Devonte Graham: A nice offensive point guard with Trey Burke base.
  3. Tim Hardaway Jr: Another shooter, this time with JR Smith’s nice jumpshot base.


  1. Serge Ibaka: A great shooting big that can defend the paint.
  2. Fred Brown: A versatile point guard that excels on offense.
  3. Junior Bridgeman: A versatile wing who excels at nothing, but is decent at everything.


  1. Bingo Smith: A good, all-around combo guard that has all the badges you need in each category. Jumpshot 94 is awesome, too, so he’s an even better shooter than advertised.
  2. Kyrie Irving: A top-notch point guard in the game with great dribble moves, playmaking badges, and shooting ability. Extremely weak on defense and his layup package is weird, but you cannot beat the price.
  3. Mark Eaton: A good paint protector and interior finisher. Can’t shoot, lacks speed, and runs out of energy quickly, but is a good option for offline grinding.